Biggest Gaming Conventions and Championships of 2021

8 Biggest Gaming Conventions and Championships of 2021


In recent years, gaming as a hobby has transcended itself to become a profession in itself, allowing gamers to even earn their living from participating in competitions and tournaments globally. It has reached immense heights due to the fast-growing technological industry, as well as the revolutionary software that keeps improving the gaming experience each year. These days, it isn’t easy to come across a youth who has not heard of or played games like Fortnite, Valorant, Counter-Strike, etc.

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8 Popular Gaming Conventions and Championships to follow in 2021

Gaming conventions are an extremely alluring spot for gamers to converge since they get to try their hands at the latest released games, besides coming together in a gamer assembly to share their interests and bond over the most popular esports.

1. Fandom PDX 2021

The tagline of this convention is the phrase “Fandom is Family”, which speaks volumes about its commitment to keep its customers and partners satisfied. It is organised by Green Mustard Entertainment and is scheduled to host thousands of enthusiastic gamers from all over the world to come together and play in this huge gaming convention. But, unfortunately, in the trying times of COVID-19, Fandom PDX has been rescheduled from its initial date to May 29-30, 2021, at the Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

2. The Super Magfest 2021

The Magfest stands for “Music And Gaming Festival” and is held over four days. Conducted by Magfest Inc., this convention is dedicated to the global appreciation of the gaming industry from industry partners and customers. It offers a large collection of consoles, laptops, arcades, etc., for the biggest gaming events.

3. King Con Cruise 2021

King Con is an unforgettable experience of exclusive guest programming, locations, and a luxury cruise to ensure an experience of a lifetime. In addition, the participants will enjoy dining, games, and other entertaining activities with other customers of this cruise.

Hold on, because the fun doesn’t stop there! Before embarkment on the cruise ship, you can enjoy the full benefits of a pool party at the hotel to kick things off on a note of fun.

This King Con Cruise offers incredible an incredible set of arcades and consoles that have the most popular esports starting from FIFA to tennis and is easily one of the most enjoyable and biggest game conventions of all.

4. Metrocon 2021

Scheduled to be held in mid-July at the Tampa Convention Centre, Florida, Metrocon is one of those gaming conventions that are sure to thrill. With an amazing collection of video games, this gamer assembly is held over four days and is filled with wonderful comic books, sci-fi, fantasy films, and of course, newly released video games.

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5. PortCon Maine 2021

PortCon is scheduled to be held in South Portland, Maine, between June 24 to June 27. Stretching over four days, it is one of the biggest gaming events which combines geek culture interests, including anime, gaming, science fiction, costuming, fantasy, video gaming, and much more. It seeks to bring to the forefront the global gaming community and to allow the participants to bond over their favorite interests – whether it is comic books or the most popular esports trending in the gaming community!

PortCon Maine is another of those gaming conventions that are guaranteed to thrill everyone present, with its amazing array of video games and gaming consoles.

6. Midwest Gaming Classic 2021

The Midwest Gaming Classic 2021 is scheduled to be held in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, between November 5 to November 7. The Midwest Gaming Classic is one of the biggest gaming events featuring over 150,000+ square feet of retro and modern home video game consoles – involving a stupefying collection of nostalgic pinball machines, arcade video games containing classic games like Pacman and Donkey Kong, RPGs, computers, board games, nostalgic collectable card games, and much more! This is truly one of the most exciting of all other gaming conventions, purely because it is a fantastic crucible of the old and the new – and it seeks to converge different gaming generations over their one point of interest – their love for video games!

7. Sac Gamers Expo 2021

The Sac Gamers Expo will be held at the Scottish Rite Center in Sacramento, California, between December 18-19. A bit different from other gaming conventions, the Sac Gamers Expo features special guests, game vendors, displays, workshops, game developers, tournaments, and much more – for the ultimate gaming experience. Asides from being one of the first choices in the list of the biggest gaming events, this event can also thrill beginners who are just getting started on their gaming journey because it is designed to be a perfect convention for beginners and pros alike!

8. The Tsubasacon 2021

The Tsubasacon 2021 is scheduled to be held at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Centre in Charleston, West Virginia. It has fast risen to become one of the most exciting gaming conventions worldwide, featuring a large collection of the most popular esports and impressive gaming consoles, computers, newly released video games, and so on. It has been held since 2004 and has always managed to flock in an astounding number of participants, all converging at one of the biggest gaming events to give free rein to their interest – their immense love for gaming and pop culture.


It is evident that gaming conventions are like a world unto their own for most gamers and developers alike. Besides offering a fantastic opportunity to try out newly released games, or even premiering games at such conventions, the gamers find it extremely interesting and enjoyable to come together in this event with other people from all over the world who partake in a similar interest, thus allowing them to bond together and create a cohesive unit of the gaming community. Besides gamers, it also allows VFX artists and game developers to promote their talents in front of huge crowds, thus kickstarting their careers in the gaming industry. These gaming conventions are surely not to miss out if you are as enthusiastic about gaming as you claim to be!


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