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Hi everybody! My name is Jeremy, and you are in my gamer place!
Since my childhood (in the middle 1990s) when my father buys me a gaming console. It was PlayStation 1. After that, I fall in love with gaming. Now it’s a favorite hobby of mine. I like to gather with friends and make noisy gaming parties at my home.
Also, I like to write articles about the latest games, cause I have all the popular gaming devices at my home (Playstation 4 Pro, gaming PC, Nintendo Switch, and a bunch of mobile devices). Since I started to lead this site, I write about different Indie projects. It was interesting for me during that period. After I took a break in leading the site for my reasons I decided to do my personal reviews of popular titles on different platforms. But I don’t forget about my Indie passion. But for now, I play such games on Facebook or on my mobile devices. You can write to me through the contact for any topic suggestion!
We are all gamers! See you in the game!