Apex Legends — The Game Which You’ll Love At First Glance
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Apex Legends — The Game Which You’ll Love At First Glance


Apex Legends can be taken as an example of how beautiful a Battle Royale game can be. Ever since its release back in 2019, the game reached greater heights. In fact, in just 8 hours of its release, the tournament crossed 1 million downloads. In the very year of its release, the game won multiple prestigious awards including “The Best Multiplayer Game of 2019” by The Game Awards, “Best Multiplayer Game” by BAFTAS, “Best Shooter” award by IGN, and “Best First Person Shooter” by PC Gamer. And, the hype and positive apex legends review it still has in the gaming world, points towards a bright future.

Moreover, though the game has a special edition that you have to pay for; but, the initial version is free to play. With such striking features and one of the best gaming experiences of the genre, Apex Legends has cemented its place very firmly. 

What is the Base Mechanics of the Game?

It is an online multiplayer battle royale game where you will find squads of three players. The characters in the game are called legends. The game is set in the Titanfall universe in a place called the Outlands. Like many other shooter games, unlike most other battle royale games, it does not offer duo or solo modes. The review of main competitors of this game you can find in our recent posts: Fortnite Battle Royale & PUBG Mobile

An ideal match in the game has twenty squads of three players. A player can have his friends in his team or have random players as well. As of Apex Legends season 5, there are 13 characters and before a match stars a player can choose a character he likes. However, a single character cannot be used twice in a squad. 

The game has a total of 60 players who will land on an island. After landing, the players have to collect weapons and other necessary stuff scattered around the map and fight for survival. Each squad in the game also has a team-leader known as Jumpmaster who decides the time and place of landing. 

The mechanics of the game uses a non-verbal communication system through which apex legends characters can communicate through their game controller and inform them about game directions, weapon location, enemy location, etc. The game also includes abilities to climb walls, slide through tilted surfaces, and travel through zip lines. Moreover, if a squad member is completely knocked out, the squad members can revive his health within 90 seconds of his death by collecting their respawn banner.  

Like other battle royale games, with time, the safe zone in apex legends gameplay shrinks and brings the surviving players close to each other. 

Before you play, Should you pay extra for the Special Edition?

The game has three different special editions with unique legends and apex legends abilities. These three special editions are Apex Legends Bloodhound Edition, Apex Legend Lifeline Edition, and the latest Apex Legends Octane Edition. In the beginning, the first two editions were priced at 19.99 dollars, but recently they are dropped to 5.99 dollars which is almost 70% less than the initial price. 

The first two special editions came with unique apex legends skins, badges for characters, exclusive winged guardian banner, 1000 apex coins, special feeling impish emblem, exclusive tormentor badge, etc. On the other hand, the latest Octane edition will come with Legendary Arachnoid Rush Octane apex legends skin, rifle skin, violet widow gun charm, etc.  

There is no doubt that the special editions come with stunning, added features and since the price of the first two special editions has fallen by 70%, gamers who are interested in having the ultimate experience can take a chance and make full use of the dropped price. The Octane edition of Apex Legends is also expected to have a reduced price. Since the price has fallen to a great extent, it will be wise to pay some extra money and enjoy the special features. 

Battle Pass and Seasons Explained

Since its release, the game has released five seasons of apex legends gameplay. They are, 

Apex Legend Season 1: Wild Frontier

Apex Legend Season 2: Battle Charge

Apex Legend Season 3: Meltdown

Apex Legend Season 4: Assimilation

Apex Legend Season 5: Fortune’s Favor

In the battle pass, a player needs to complete a range of daily and weekly challenges to earn XP and stars. A player in the game is given three daily challenges that he needs to end. These were easy in the first two seasons, but from the third season, it was changed as players now had to complete one easy, one medium, and hard challenge. If a player finds a problem that he is unwilling to finish, in that case, he can spend his Legend Tokens to change the difficulty. Each change costs 200 tokens that will be reduced from the player’s 1000 tokens. 

Similarly, each week the players in the apex legends battle pass receive lengthy challenges that are similar for all the players. There is another type of weekly challenge that remains the same throughout the week but changes at the end of it. A player can win 3000 stars by completing the daily trials and 9000 stars by completing the weekly challenges. The more stars a player wins, the quicker he can complete the levels in Apex Legends. 

Apex Legends Island

What to expect from the future update

With their updates, Apex Legends has done excellent work in the past. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, with every update, the game has surprised gamers. Keeping in mind, their past updates players have high hopes about the future updates of the game.

 In several apex legends review, gamers have revealed that the game has new depths hidden in the game and the more one plays, the more he shows the. Compared to that, the tutorial of the game is quite short and does not provide several necessary information. Hence, from future updates, players are expecting a detailed tutorial.

Secondly, not all apex legends characters are made for killing. Some are made for other jobs such as scout out enemies, revive allies, etc. However, the game does not appreciate these acts and cares only about killing and direct damage. The future updates are expected to make a change in this. Another major thing that future updates are expected to fix it introduces penalties for leaving a game in the middle. Currently, there is no such feature, and hence, players quickly leave their squad whenever they want. Many gamers are disappointed with that. 

Not a Simply Shoot and Out

As many players say “Apex Legend is easy to learn, hard to master”; the game should not be taken as a simple shoot and out game where you pick a gun and shoot to survive. A player can not rely on his shooting skills to progress in the game. As many gamers have said that the game has severed layers of gameplay, tactics, and as a player spends more time, he reveals new secrets about the game. Apex legends battle pass is also very detailed and heavily relies on tactics. As a squad, you must have a team plan, choose strategic locations, and move accordingly. The importance of tactics and coordination in the game can be realized from the non-verbal communication system the game offers. It is given so that a squad can coordinate throughout the whole match. Apart from shooting there are also multiple apex legend abilities that a player has to master to perform well in the game. Some of the tactics to follow in a match are:

1. Always stay close to your squad when you jump. 

2. Always pick more ammo than you might need. 

3. Apex Legends has fast gameplay, and to keep up the pace, you have to move quickly. Do not stay at a place for long. Keep moving. 

4. When you are moving downwards for example in a mountain slope, slide down rather than running. Sliding gives you faster speed.  

5. Remember that each character has its unique abilities. Hence remember the expertise that your character has and use them at the right time at the right place. 

You can not expect to win a match all by yourself. Apex Legends is a team game, and you have to work together as a squad throughout an entire match if you want to stand a chance. The gameplay is also intensely fast. You have to jump in and out of buildings, pick out the right weapon, and find out hidden shooters around you; and all these take place in a concise period. Faster than any other battle royale game. 

Also, the endgame provides opportunities for both high ground and low ground positioning. In the last few minutes of the game, a player must keep a constant eye on the map to know the location of each upcoming circle. 


Apex Legends is the best of its genre. From its graphics to the fast and intense gameplay, the game is a treat for battle royale lovers. Moreover, the game offers brutal and intense gunplay with one of the best movements of this genre of the game. Furthermore, each season of the game has been a surprise for gamers and has attracted more and more new players. And with future updates, we can hope to see this game in greater heights. We’re giving away similar games to Apex Legends! Players are on the move with a traveling merchant in Aldo’s Journey. Don’t miss an adventure! 

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