Call of Duty: Mobile – Pros and Cons Among Competitors
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Call of Duty: Mobile – Pros and Cons Among Competitors


While the original Call Of Duty was a computer-based game, Call Of Duty Mobile is meant for mobile devices. There are some fundamental differences between the two versions.

  • Battle Royale

The battle royale mode is available only in the mobile version. In the original Call Of Duty, this mode is not available. Only the Multiplayer mode is available.

  • Cost

Call Of Duty Mobile is free of cost whereas we need to pay for the PC version of Call Of Duty.

  • Mode

Original Call Of Duty is purely a Multiplayer shooter game while Call Of Duty Mobile has got Multiplayer as well as a campaign mode.

  • Sequels.

Call Of Duty Mobile has no sequels. New features get added to the updated versions. Call of duty mobile apk mod is also available on the internet. Original CoD, on the other hand, can be divided into Modern Warfare, World War, Black Ops, etc.

Pros and Cons of the game among competitors


  • Controller

The controllers of the game are amazing and brilliantly stand out among that of the competitors due to its efficiency. Also, the game allows gaming console support.

  • Graphics

Call Of Duty: Mobile offers the best in class graphics for a mobile game.

  • Perspective

The game is available in FPP as well as TPP, and we can change it during the gameplay.

  • Modes

The availability of Classic Multiplayer, as well as battle royale mode, is a huge plus-point of the game.


  • Matchmaking

The matchmaking can sometimes seem to be random as occasionally, we are matched with random players from foreign countries that invite communication problems.

  • Connection

If we have a slightly weak connection, the game starts to lag for sure.

  • Maps

A limited number of maps was a concern for gamers. However, a new map has been added in season 9.


Looking at the overall features and functionality, it can be concluded that call of duty: Mobile is the best game available, offering both Classic Multiplayer and a battle royale mode.

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