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Call of Duty: Mobile – Multiplayer and Microtransactions


Classic COD Multiplayer alongside with Battle Royale

Call Of Duty was traditionally and always has been a multiplayer shooter game. With its massive success on the PC and console platforms, it was evident that the makers will indeed roll out the mobile version. The central curiosity of mobile enthusiasts was what will be the modifications in the theme of the game. Along with the classic and popular multiplayer mode, the battle royale mode, which is highly popular currently, was introduced.

While you can play multiplayer mode from the beginning, battle royale mode will unlock when you reach level 7. While playing Multiplayer, you will be given objectives that you can complete alone or in a team. There are different modes while playing Multiplayer-

  • Frontline

We have to kill hostiles to gain points. The first to earn 10 points will win.

  • Team Deathmatch

We are allocated a team and will have to fight with the other team to gain points. The first to win 30 points will win.

  • Domination

We have to keep scoring points by capturing objectives. The one who reaches the score limit first wins.

  • Search and Destroy

We have to search and destroy the objectives of the enemy. This has to be done in teams. Note that in this mode, we don’t respawn when we die.

  • Practice vs AI

This is the practice mode where you can fight against bots. Of all the experience gained in this mode, only 10 percent will be accounted for.

The different aspects you need to know about the multiplayer mode:

  • Primary weapon
  • Secondary weapon
  • Perks
  • Operator skills
  • Lethal
  • Characters
  • The weapon, armors, and vehicle camos
  • Emotes and tags

The concept of battle royale mode is similar to other battle royale modes. We will be dropped on a map with 100 players, and the last man standing wins. Call Of Duty: Mobile offers this mode in solo, a team of two, and a squad of four. The following are the distinctive features of this model.

  • Switching from the third person to the first person

Unlike other battle royale games, we can switch from TPP to FPP when inside the game. However, switching to TPP from FPP is not possible.

  • Zombies

We might meet zombies in the Call of Duty Mobile zombies mode. They get spawned at random locations.

  • Military classes

We can choose from six military classes provided: Ninja, Medic, Clown, Defender, Mechanic, Airborne. You will get the perks and abilities of the class that you choose.

  • Marking location

We can mark the enemy location by merely touching the spot on the map.

The call of duty mobile battle pass will grant you various added rewards and features.

The negative aspects of microtransactions

Credits and COD Points are the primary forms of currency in Call Of Duty: Mobile. Credits are the ones we earn within the game. You can buy COD Points at $1 per 80 COD points. These will cost less if we buy them in bulk. At once, we can buy 10,800 points maximum. This will save $100. Loot boxes are also available in the game. We can buy the Season Weapon Crate for 160 points ($2). The Royal Crimson and Prophet Soldier crates cost 80 points ($1).

The Call Of Duty Mobile battle pass comes in two forms. The Premium Pass and the Premium Pass Plus. The cost of them is 800 credits and 2000 credits respectively. Buying the Call Of Duty Mobile battle pass will unlock rewards, grant access to elite missions, unlock free characters, skins, and crates.

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