Candy Crush Saga — Another Good Old Incredibly Addictive Game?
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Candy Crush Saga — Another Good Old Incredibly Addictive Game?


One of the most well-known video games available on mobile phones is the candy crush saga app. There’s no second opinion on the same. If anyone is asked about the most addictive and time-gulping games they have tried in their life at least once, it would be the Candy Crush Saga for sure. That’s what makes it one of the highest-grossing game of its time. The game is not only easy to play, but it is also exhilarating, captivating, and full of dopamine-releasing color schemes, visuals, and animations. That’s how the Candy crush saga apk keeps one engaged by challenging you over and over again with over the top candy crush saga levels. The candy crush saga on Facebook also continues its audience titillating with constant advertisements having catchy lines like “friends who crush together stay together” and challenges that one cannot take their attention.

Candy Crush Saga is a Simple Puzzle Game For All. It is so user-friendly that from a toddler to an aged person can play this game. Both the game and its installation are for quick access. Within seconds one can start playing the game. It does not pre-requisite one to make any id or pay to play. That’s one of the prime reasons for the game’s popularity. Although initially, one could just spin a wheel to earn lives, which now have to be bought. Candy crush saga on Facebook also is a proactive marketing platform that keeps on introducing new and innovative challenges like the color the “candy”, makes art using the shapes of candies given as a blueprint on their page.

As it starts so quickly, with its catchy music playing at the start, it can be played in gaps of minutes when waiting at a grocery store. The music that goes on throughout the gaming experience is also quite soothing and continues in your head even after you are done playing the game. Along with the candy crush saga, King has more versions of the same match namely candy crush friends saga, candy crush soda saga, candy crush jelly saga .etc. They too are based primarily on the same principle other than that candy crush soda saga involves matching the candies to release soda bottles and Candy Crush Saga friends include doing the same challenges with friends in a more vibrant and colorful world.

How does the game work?

The principle on which the game works is simple. I am sure we all have played those games where we have to arrange the three matching tiles or objects together to earn points. Candy Crush Saga works on the same principle. The same colored candies are supposed to be arranged in a row of three by exchanging with other colored candies. And of course, matching more than three same-colored candies wins more points. The shape and size of candies to are familiar and appealing. One of their animations is a recurring blue colored lolly pop-top shaped, a mango colored one, a bright green chewing gum-like, a hot-dog shaped red, the most catchy of all; a violet-colored flower shaped with a shiny surface and the most “powerful” of all, Ferrero rocher like-colored candy which bursts whole row and column in one go.

What makes the game exciting is its flashy colors, the “click” sound of every move, and the “bling” sound of candies crushing when matched. As the gamers proceed, the challenges get more real; for example, a time limit is put to crush all the candies which keep on decreasing as the candy crush saga levels go up, the number of candies increases too, and also certain hurdles come in. Candy crush saga levels also get difficult, ranging from frozen confections to rock-bound candies.

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Pros and Cons of The Game

The quick distraction from one’s’ day-to-day problems that the game provides cannot be denied. It is quite useful for the same. Yet when the dependence on candy crush saga increases, i.e. when one uses it as a means to escape more than as a recreational activity, then its negatives come into play.

To begin with, it continues to be abused by people to escape and avoid life problems, without which they may be preventing them through non- video game means. And the effect that it has on one’s brain includes – impatience, poor concentration, high distractibility because of the top and quick reward system of the candy crush saga app, to keep the user engaged. Since the game involves a rapid response and reward system which doesn’t imitate life, the user is bound to feel irritated in dealing with real-life problems. The high distractibility and poor concentration is a result of the brain’s dependence to expect much attention gripping stimuli from the environment within seconds and being dissatisfied, resulting in changing focus due to the same. The same phenomenon is exemplified by video streaming platforms also, like Tik Tok, Youtube, and Facebook, Instagram, etc. As a progressive effect, the viewer’s attention span has reduced to a fraction of seconds now.

When used in moderation, it is a great device to access distraction for some time. It is also used to kill time when stuck in a situation like waiting at the airport. The pleasure that it gives, the slight feeling of accomplishment can help you let go of minor defeats of the day.

Lots of extras to keep you playing

The game involves “drop the ingredients”, “clear the bowl”, “get rid of the jelly” tasks to keep the gamers engaged with newer challenges and tasks. Sometimes the difficulty level is so up that the gamer cannot clear the round in the first attempt, besides the hints that the candy crush saga provides, and is forced to play one more game to win their luck back. On completion of the task, the feedback comes as “tasty”, “delicious” and “divine”. All these terms have a positive connotation for us, thereby makes us feel good, no matter how small level, nonetheless feel pleasing. These new tactics help keep the gamers hooked. Even when the candy crush saga levels are so difficult to cross, the players look for candy crush saga cheats which are not easy to find! As the candy crush saga levels proceed, they reach up to 3-digit levels too!

An average user plays Candy Crush Saga for approx one hour every day and reaches up to the 366th level quickly. As losing makes one pull out of the game and start from a level back or buy the coins using real money! It rewards one with candies and sweets like they are real juicy goodies one would want to devour. These tactics are often compared to the ones of slot-machine wherein the variable-ratio schedule of reinforcement keeps the person motivated to keep trying. Most of these games have this schedule to reward as it is the most effective as you don’t know when will the reward come, so you keep trying unlike in the government job pay-scale where high or low effort does not have much effect on one’s salary. The employee will undoubtedly get a fixed amount by the end of the month.

Even the scoreboard a keeps a check on your performance compared to your friends’ that are connected to you on candy crush saga, on a day-to-day basis because of candy crush saga on Facebook. Keeping the score of all your friends and which candy crush saga episode they are on, makes you want to keep playing to win and win as you are virtually competing with your friends. However, as one proceeds, the levels get more complicated, and to ward off that obstacle to wining, one is required to buy particular actions to surpass the challenge. That’s where the company gets its revenue from and makes it a million earning company.

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The game is said to have its addictive effect as it is mind-numbingly easy to play, that it gives you a sort of rush to play and move forward. This urgency that the game creates has a bearing on one’s mind and behavior. Although in a virtual world, the game creates a sense of significant loss when quitting the game or losing any candy crush saga levels. Having that acknowledged, it is after all the gamers’ choice whether they get excited with a feeling of time running out or get a high they like and enjoy.

When played to soothe one’s mind and to relax, candy crush saga apk is not such a bad alternative when compared to other modes used for the same like watching television or engaging in frivolous activities which may have more permanent effects. Also, the game has quite a good impact on our mood and present state, which cannot be neglected. In the world of gaming, there exist games involving killing and assassinating to have a sense of accomplishment, in that universe of gaming, having a game of bursting candies to experience a sense of accomplishment doesn’t sound so bad after all!

We have more exciting games than Candy Crush that you can try for free! If you like Piña Coladas, getting caught in the rain, are not into yoga and have half a brain, then here’s the perfect game for you!

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