Dragon City Game Review: Add Some Dragon Fire to Your Game Life
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Dragon City Game Review: Add Some Dragon Fire to Your Game Life


Dragon City is a free stimulating game developed by Spanish game developer Social Point. The game was first launched on Facebook on 8th May 2012. It is a building game where a player raises dragons and builds a colony of dragons. There are several steps to do that. First, a player has to select a habitat for the dragons. Then he has to hatch the eggs, feed the dragons, and raise them. Since its release, the game has gained a substantial amount of popularity among the gamers. In December 2012, the game ranked second in 25 Top Rated Facebook Games of the Year. 

After its initial launch on Facebook, in 2013, the game was launched for iOS platforms, and in the same year, another version of the game was launched for Android. Apart from the online version, the dragon city offline is available for playing. 

Apart from feeding, breeding, and raising their dragons, the players can also connect through Facebook, or Google Play and visit the city of their friends where they can sell their resources or help their friends with the same. 

The developers of the game mentioned that the dragon city app is created for gamers who are above four years of age. And those who are younger than 18 years of age will need their parents’ permission to access it. 

First look at Dragon City.

The very look at the dragon city app gives it an engaging vibe with both adorable and fierce fire-breathing dragons. 

Talking about the gameplay, the game begins on an island where you will find pre-allocated dragon food and gold and gems for use. A player has to breed, feed, and train different types of dragons and help them grow to compete in epic dragon quests. To obtain the ability of breeding, a dragon must reach level four. 

As the game begins, a player has to start by choosing a habitat for his dragons. Once he decides that he then needs to hatch dragon eggs, and regularly feed them. The game has more than 1000 dragons such as Ancient World Dragons and Guardian Dragons. Apart from taking care of the dragons, there are other jobs that a player needs to take care of. He has to build terrains for the dragons, build buildings, and grow food for the dragons. 

The dragons in the dragon city generate gold. Different types of dragons in the game make gold at a different pace and rate—the gold than can be used to buy new farms and new habitats. A player can exchange the gold for food which he will have to feed the dragons to increase their levels. 

Tasks such as building, terrains, buildings, growing food, breeding, hatching, etc. take quite long. However, to get rid of these time taking processes, a player can use gem and speed up the process. But, gems are quite hard to earn. Since they can only be obtained by winning battles and completing levels, however, gems can also be purchased, but it takes real money. 

A player in dragon city must complete different tasks to earn XP, which is necessary to increase the levels. It is crucial since increasing the levels increases the life and ability of dragons in the battle arenas, quests, and leagues. 

As the dragons grow strong and obtain abilities for battle, the players can send their dragons for war with the dragons of other players in dragon city online games. In the game, three dragons of a player battle three dragons of another player. A player can use any combination of dragons as he pleases. However, they have to level for or more. Each type of dragon has some personal, unique move and method of causing damage. And, battles are fought between dragons using different kinds of movements that are unique to particular types of dragons. In battle, the strength of a hit or rate of damage of a dragon depends on the kind of element it has. The different types of elements available in the game are:

  • Sea
  • Terra
  • Legend
  • Wind
  • Flame
  • Nature
  • War
  • Electric
  • Light 
  • Metal
  • Darkness
  • Pure
  • Ice
  • Primal
  • Happy
  • Magic
  • Dream
  • Beauty
  • Sou
  • Chaos

Once a player reaches level 10, he unlocks a guide book that gives detailed information about the special abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of particular types of dragons. 

Similarly, once a player reaches level 27, the ancient world of dragon city appears. In the ancient world, the player can exchange gold for gemstones. The gemstones can then be used to get new dragons from the ancient world. Once a player obtains ancient world dragons, he can get more gemstones from them as ancient world dragons produce gemstones similar to the way normal world dragons produce gold. Gems can also be earned by winning against enemies in war leagues, completing daily challenges, fighting in different events, owning a particular set of dragons from the dragon book, or can be purchased using real currency. 

A witch-like character appears at the side of the screen for a limited period in dragon city mobile. By clicking the role, a player can go to the Dragon Black Market. In the black market, the witch has a special box of dragon eggs. The player can open the box and have the eggs using gems.

Features OF Dragon City

Here are some of the main features of the dragon city that we have outlined for you. 

1. The game has more than 1000 dragons to fill your city with. It is pretty significant, a collection which is fantastic. 

2. Apart from the 1000+ dragons, new dragons join the game every week through various breeding events. 

3. A player can collect special orbs and increase the power of his dragons. 

4. Players can receive special dragon skins in special events and give their dragons fresh looks. 

5. The players can battle against Dragon Masters in PvP arenas and win particular rare types of dragons, and claim the warrior’s chest. It will help them to rank high on the dragon city online leader board and climb the levels. 

6. After reaching level 27, players can unlock the Ancient World and can have a guardian dragon. 

7. The players can also join alliances in dragon city where they can share different things during the Alliance Gifts Event. By sharing and helping each other, they can unlock the Alliance Chest.  

8. Players can create their account and log in to their dragon city mobile game. It will help them to save their progress and access the game from different devices. 

Tips and Tricks for Beginners

To be a good player, one must know a certain dragon city hacks and tips and tricks. Some tips and tricks are, 

1. Know the details about the habitats and choose wisely. For example, the Terra habitat has a low gold capacity of 500, but the Terra dragons have a fast gold producing rate. Similarly, Sea habitat has a high gold capacity of 7500, but the sea dragons have a slow gold capacity rate. 

2. Use your initial resources to build more farms and always keep them generating grains. Because you will have to feed your dragons continuously to make them grow powerful, this will help to complete levels quickly. 

3. An element rules each dragon in the dragon city, and each element has its strength and weakness. Hence, first of all, know the elements you have in hand and their pros and cons. 

4. One of the trickiest features of the game is the ability to crossbreeding different species of dragons. Hence, be very claver while breeding. Know details about crossbreeding, and you will be able to produce some fantastic dragon species. 

5. Remember that, to start dragon breeding, you must have three elemental dragons that are Earth Dragon, Water Dragon, and Fire Dragon. But first, to breed even these three elemental dragons you have to build earth, fire, and water habitats. 

6. Keep buying and selling first. It is one of the effective ways of gaining experience in dragon city. Hence keep selling and buying again and again. 

7. Different habitats have different gold producing rates. Hence, place your dragons in different habitats and see which gives you the best rate. Also, if you place your elemental dragons to similar elemental crystal, it will provide you with a 20% more gold producing rate per minute. 


The game is one of the best in the market. It has cute, friendly-looking dragons that attract young children. Though dragon city offline version is one of the best games for children, parents should know that the online version contains some ads they may show visuals such as girls in a bikini that may not be very good for young children. Also, the game lets players connect with large groups of users. It is essential to create a community of gamers. However, parents should know that their child will be connected to many other people through dragon city and decide if they are comfortable with it.

In this article we have given you the idea about the gameplay, told you some important tricks that you should know. However, there is some dragon city hack that will also help you with the game. Read the full guide on our topic about it. If you enjoy playing Dragon City, you will like our version of Jungle Book. Play it now for free!

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