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EAG December 5 – 11 News Highlight


This week brought us a couple new games, a few new insights into the world of the Nintendo Switch, some much needed Pokemon GO news, and a whole lot of excitement! As always let us know what you think in the comments below! We love the feedback.

Console News

Jimmy Fallon gets a visit from Shigeru Miyamoto and the Nintendo team who surprise him with a first look at the new Super Mario Run mobile game and with a hands-on debut of the new Nintendo Switch!

Xbox throws another Holiday deal with $50 savings out onto the table. Deal, after deal, after deal, Microsoft really wants you to gift it’s console this holiday season.

Playstation follows suit and also offers a special sale. This time at $51 savings on the PS4 Slim.

Nintendo is offering a bounty for anyone who can hack the 3DS! Though this news is older than this week, it is something that just recently came to our attention as things like this can go under the radar if you don’t pay enough attention!

Crowd Source News

Plague Road (Kickstarter)

Plague Road is a turn-based, roguelike game where you play as a plague doctor seeking to fight the infection that has taken over a city that has been lost to the disease.

The game is developed by Arcade Distillery and features very beautiful stylized graphics. The game is created with various flat design elements implemented a 3-dimensional world, which together they create a unique and beautiful, yet eerie, atmosphere.

Your primary goal is to rescue survivors and fight the procedurally generated stages that you encounter whenever you attempt to enter the city.

The game includes several different regions, various survivors that will aid you in your adventure, and different plague enemies you will encounter throughout your endeavors. Not only will you engage in combat throughout the game, but you are also entrusted with the responsibility to rebuild parts of the fallen society. You can build greenhouses, sanctuaries, hunting lodges, and much more.

The game will be coming to Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and PSVita. The game has reached just over 50% of the campaign goal and has just over two weeks until the end of the campaign. At this point, it is too early to predict if the game will meet its goal, so the team could use as much support as possible! If you are a fan of the roguelike genre, turn based gameplay, stylized graphics, or a game with a unique storyline, then you should head over to the campaign page and support the project!

Tropical Escape (Indiegogo)

Have you played Rust, The Forrest, Sub Nautica, or Ark? Then it is fair to say Tropical Escape will feel familiar. The idea of developing a survival game with realistic design elements is nothing new. This is something we see fairly regularly, but that does not take away from the success of the genre as a whole.

What makes Tropical Island different, is that it claims to be primarily story driven rather than just feature an open world where anything goes. You will play as a man who survived a storm and gets stranded on an island in the Indian Ocean. As the player, you will start the game stranded on an island and left to your own devices. The game requires both “brain and survival skills” in order to fend off the dangers of the exotic wildlife and harsh environment.

At the time of this article the game has raised exactly $0 of their flexible goal, so who knows what the future has in store! The team started just over 7 months ago with two developers, and are only asking for an initial goal of $1500 to push the game further and support the growing team. Not only is it a small group of people, but they are not asking for much, so if you are passionate about the independent gaming community than it doesn’t get more independent than this. Head over to the Indiegogo page, give it a look, and consider supporting the ever growing indie developer community!

Game Release/Updates

Pokemon GO to release new Pokemon this coming week!

New list of Xbox releases and updates. We see much anticipated Dead Rising 4 release, as well as updates for games like Forza, We Happy Few, and Halo 5: Guardians.

The beta for the PVP MOBA game Gigantic comes to Xbox via the Game Preview Program!

As you can tell with the 3DS bounty announcement in this article, there are some things we miss occasionally. We can’t see everything going on all the time. That is where you come in. The gaming community has eyes everywhere, and it is up to you guys to let us know what we missed, left out, or omitted that you think is important! Here at EAG, we want to see you contribute to the community. Feel free to write a review, share your opinion pieces or news highlights on our main page! EAG does not exist apart from you. Thank you in advance for your contribution, and we look forward to hearing what you have to say.

By Phillip Prado

Victoria Turner

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