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EAG Nov 21-27 News Highlight


We are coming to the end of November, and do you know what that means? It means the Holiday season is hot on our tails, and we find ourselves in the middle of the holiday shopping season. Through the hustle of this time of year, the gaming community has yet to slow down. Here are some of this week’s noteworthy gaming community highlights to keep you in the loop.

Console News

Nintendo fans scold Amazon for handling the 3DS Black Friday sale poorly. Polygon reports that Amazon released the game early without any heads up. This left responsible fans in the dark. The console sold out almost 24 hours before the announced release meaning anyone who planned to purchase the console on Black Friday was left empty handed. Amazon attempted to restock he product, but they, again, sold out.

Nintendo Switch prices to start at $249 and release date expected in March of 2017.

Crowd Source News

Agony (Kickstarter)

Developed by Play Way, Agony claims to “take back the roots” of the horror game genre. In an age where horror games take to much from the action genre of games, Agony aims to bring back the “uniqueness” into the horror game genre. The player starts the gameplay as a tormented should in hell. Left without any memory of the past, the player is forced to survive the god forsaken dimension in search of a way out. From solving puzzles to possessing Demons, Agony promises to induce anxiety and fear and give you “shivers on your back.” The campaign has a downloadable demo on the Kickstarter page. If you are interested in this game or the horror genre in general, Agony has already successfully met their goal with almost 2 weeks left in the campaign.

The Endless Forest: Second Decade (Indiegogo)

The Endless Forest: Second Decade is a creative spin on multiplayer gameplay. It builds upon the current 10 year old game, and aims to expand the outdated technology. The game is developed by husband and wife under the Tale of Tales Studio brand name. Unlike the original many other online multiplayer games, The Endless Forest does not focus on killing and competing. Instead the game substitutes these elements with imagination and play. Players roam the magical forest unlocking and experiencing magical surprises. The only difference is that instead of your standard humanoid character set, The Endless Forest, and now the Second Decade expansion, incarnates the players as deer. The game seems compelling, unique, artistic, and fun. The original game is free to play and the developers say the second game will follow suit. As of now the game is just over 50% funded with about a month to go in the campaign. If you are one to support the indie community, and desire to push creative bounds, then we encourage you to go help out this incredible small team of two develop a game unlike any you have played before.

Game Release/Updates

New game releases announced on Xbox.com include DLC for the Division, Darksiders: Warmaster Edition, and more.

Conan Exiles announced for Spring 2017 as part of the Xbox preview program.

More information released on the latest Minecraft Console Edition update coming this holiday season. Players will be able to fly (“glide”), new was to interact with potions and more.

Xbox announces it’s December games with Gold lineup including titles like Outlast, and Sleeping Dogs.

No Man’s Sky gets its first content update, and man is it epic, but is it too late?

More news surfaces regarding GTA 6 including release dates, gameplay, and an introduction to a new female character.

Other News

Indiegogo offers the ability to invest in startups. Instead of simply crowdsourcing a campaign, investors can now “crowdsource” an entire business or company. How do you think this will impact the indie gaming community? Will it push it into the limelight, popularizing the genre, or will it institutionalize the beloved community?

Let us know if we missed anything. And as always, feel free to write an article on our website elaborating on any of this content if you deem necessary. We appreciate the input and would love to continue these conversations. Stay tuned for next week’s update, and in the mean time check out the rest of our EAG content over on the home page and follow us on Twitter to stay as up to date as possible.

By Phillip Prado

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