Explaining How To Stream Snipe In Fortnite
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Explaining How To Stream Snipe In Fortnite — Full Guide


Fortnite fans who’ve watched their fav pros play the game live have probably heard the term ‘stream sniping’ at least once. And not necessarily in a good way. Most players who live stream often complain about it.

If you don’t have any experience with live-streaming Fortnite games, then what is stream sniping would be the immediate question. Don’t worry, keep reading as we break down what is stream sniping, how to stream snipe Fortnite, and why people stream snipe.

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The meaning of stream sniping

Stream sniping, simply put, is the act of watching the live stream of a player in order to sabotage them in the game. This is in fact really widespread, up to the point where streamers have posted videos of entire clans of players who attempt to stream snipe them while they broadcast their play.

Players queue up for the same matches that the live streamer is going for and watching their live broadcast, will use the information gained through it to defeat the player. Since they have an unfair advantage in being able to view the live-streamers cards, moves, and so on, they can easily win matches against them.

Read on to know how to stream snipe.

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How the person could stream snipe

It is against most game’s terms of service, and you could face suspensions or get banned for doing it, so think twice. But, if you still want to stream snipe for whatever reasons, here’s how to stream snipe Fortnite.

  • Join the game at the same time as the live-streamer does

Keep an eye on when the streamer is starting the game and join along with them. Make sure you are in the same game, and that the bus is taking both of you to the same game.

Once you join the game, watch the streamer, and try to guess where they’ll for the next 15-20 seconds.

  • Streamers screen might show a delay in their current location, so look for where they might ultimately end up

Some streamers like to switch screens and look for other locations on the map, so it is up to you to guess where they’ll be, depending on past experience and which directions the streamer likes to move in.

By making the right guess, you can get ahead of the streamer in the game and gain an advantage in a fight. If there are many players around, make a note of their skin and gear. There might be a lot of other players who look like the streamer, so remember this.

  • Find the streamer, and fight!

One thing to remember is that most streamers are much better than average players. So, if you want any hope of defeating them, you’ll need to bring in your A-game. Killing them won’t be easy, but it is not impossible.

Since you are watching their live stream, you already have the advantage of knowing what their stats are like, what kind of weapons they have in their arsenal, whether they are low on weapons, materials, etc.

Depending on what situation they are in, decide how you want to engage with them. If they are low on materials, try to get them in a build fight. But if they have a high material count, then it is obviously better to try some other method since they will have a pretty good weapon.

Choose wisely.

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Reasons why someone wants to stream snipe

It is widely being seen as an attempt to prank the live streamer. Since live-streamers earn money for the content they stream, targeting them during their live streams is done to throw them off track.

Killing a streamer mid-game during a live stream is generally to annoy them, and to give the streamer a hard time. However, this is also seen as a minor form of cheating. It is probably the only way through which you as a player can cheat without hacking the game or using any mods- both of these can get you banned by the company, by the way.

Some people try to enter the squad the live player is playing on by killing team members of the previous squad, thus creating an opening for themselves. But you won’t find that many friendly and open streamers. This is why this is very uncommon, and usually, it is done to cause grief to the live-streamer by killing them mid-game.

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Should you do it?

Stream sniping isn’t all that established, nor is it encouraged.

It is generally frowned upon by the gaming community. Most gaming companies ban individuals who attempt to simply cause grief to live-streamers this way since it is seen as a form of hacking the game by letting you have an unfair advantage that can be used against said player. Epic has banned users before who have been shown to prey on live-streaming players specifically. Most companies group stream snipers into the same category as individuals who hack the game or use illegal mods and try to win. So beware before trying.

If you are dead set, then you should be careful not to be obvious or keep attacking the same live-streamers character. If they report you, you will definitely get busted. It isn’t very common on Fortnite, but it has become a problem for those who live stream, so we would advise that you don’t engage in it.

Stream sniping is in general not favored upon by the Fortnite gaming community. You get an unfair advantage and the live-streamer who is simply trying to play but gets sniped in the process is having a hard time. We would advise players to stay away from it altogether unless they are willing to take the risk of getting your account banned for life by Epic. Stream sniping is hard to catch, and harder to prove, but there have been instances where players lose all their purchased items and power-ups because they got caught. Play at your own risk, but it is not recommended.


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