Family Island – Farm Game Adventure Review
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Family Island – Farm Game Adventure Review


Family Island is a mobile simulation game from Melsoft games. Dive into the stone age world to lend a hand to Bruce, Eva, and their family members stranded on an exotic island untouched by humanity. Players get to help Bruce and his family members to build a new home to live in and their very own family island farm to cultivate crops for their survival. With a chain of islands to explore and mine for resources, players can build the island of their dreams. The multitude of islands offers challenging scenarios that require thoughtful planning and decision making to develop the ultimate island chain. On this journey of tremendous undertakings, follow the story of Bruce and his family and their tribe beautifully narrated through humor and conversation. Family Island is a tale to experience, and its ratings can justify why it is one of the best casual farm simulation games on the market.

Players can get the family island apk on all App Stores for both Android and iOS operating systems at a premium price of absolutely nothing. The game is free to play across all platforms. Another critical aspect of choosing this game over other farming games is the fact that every family island review score puts it far ahead of the competition due to the beautiful story and captivating game design.

What makes this game different from other farm games?

The game stands above the rest of the competition due to the emphasis on  Bruce’s Family. Unlike other casual simulation games for mobile, the family island farm is primarily influenced by the Family and their adventure to call the mysterious island as their home, away from their kin and tribe. The game is a heap of fun to play during your time off from life, and the Family’s antics and humor are sure to lighten anyone’s mood. Any game, regardless of the platform, depends on the story or the gameplay to captivate its audience. Family Island manages to combine both these aspects by introducing easy to use mechanics and a graphical interface fit for any age demographic.

The game offers excellent progression value for its players who take their time with storing up family island resources like wood, stone, etc. For the people who have lesser time to spend, there are comprehensive monetary offerings that appeal to them for a hassle-free and fluid progression experience. The game is tailor-made to capture the playing styles of both the young and older generation of players, so you don’t have to worry about reading reviews before diving right in.

Another unique aspect of the game is the level of exploration available on the mysterious island. Players can spend time exploring a plethora of locations like rainforests and search for hidden items that can help the Family. Players get rewarded for their curiosity with hidden objects and scarce resources that can help feed the Family well.  The game has a lot to offer despite being free, and I believe that is the reason why this game is a class apart. Players can find the family island apk on all major operating systems – Android and iOS on their respective app stores as well as in third-party vendors.

Family Island – Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Family Island is a game with neverending possibilities for player progression. Every outcome comes down to how you want your island to look and feel. We can decide on how to explore the island, how to farm resources, where to plant them, figure out which building to upgrade next, etc. The level of customizability can prove to be a bit difficult for players looking to relax and destress in the game. But, worry not because there are countless family island tips and tricks that can help you make the best decisions. The Internet is full of players who are veterans of Family Island who release guides on major social media platforms with every addition to the game. These tips and tricks are lovely to have as they helped me a ton when I first started out playing. From the many questions that frequent the Internet, here are a few that are vital to playing the game.

How to get resources?

Resources are essential to your development in the deserted island, and finding them can be a bit difficult. Players can obtain family island resources by traveling the islands in search of loot as well as producing staples from farms and primitive factories. The initial stages of the game is a little difficult for the player in terms of exploration, but the Family can survive on frequent short meals like bananas and berries. I would recommend everyone to keep the family members busy at all times by filling up their production queue. Even if some of these resources are useless to your next upgrade, players can always visit the merchant on your island shores for Energy in exchange. Players can maintain their inventory very well by storing and selling resources neatly arranged under categories like Basic, Storehouse, Food, and Rare materials. The inventory menu has a “use” option that lets players earmark specific resources for a building, which makes it easier to identify the resources at hand after upgrades. Players can learn about the different resources and their sources from countless guides on the Internet to learn more.

Feed the Family to gain Energy

Finding family island energy can be an endearing task for players who are looking to push for significant upgrades or beginning their journey in transforming the deserted island. Energy plays a critical role in the Family’s expansion into unknown parts of the island, and the stamina needed to develop the island is hard to come by. Players can learn about the different ways of finding Energy from the energy icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen. There are many ways to find Energy in-game, but the simplest way to do it is to feed the Family. Players can cook recipes and arrange a table for the Family to eat. Keeping their stomachs full is a surefire method of filling the stamina bar up. During the tutorial, players can build a totem than provides free Energy every few hours or visit the merchant for some trading. Collecting Energy every few hours can be the most straightforward task to do for storing up that precious stamina bar of yours.  There is a particular category of family island mod leveraged to fill Energy or find resources, but I highly recommend against it. It takes away the challenge and exploration aspect of the game, creating boredom.

Open Gift Boxes to Get Energy and Other Rewards

Gift Boxes lay scattered all across the island map hidden amongst the trees and bushes. You can obtain gift boxes by clearing out the bushes and trees that reveal their location. Do note that clearing trees and shrubs take Energy but provide resources and some energy in return. If you are lucky, you can find a gift box that has Energy or rubies in them. Players can store up the rubies to buy items or other rare commodities from the shop. Rubies are usually hard to come by, and so it is best if players hang on to them till they snowball into a significant number. With the stamina bar, it is always a good thing to discover family island energy as they determine your pace in progressing through the storyline.

Family Island is a well documented and layered mobile game, which makes it simpler for players to learn the game without too many family island tips and tricks guides. For players looking to build the ultimate island, these guides are a valuable resource to follow instead of opting to try some family island mod. The official website for the game has an excellent FAQ section for players to read.

My Verdict to the Game

Family Island is a fantastic game to spend some time away from life or work. The game has achieved the right balance of complex depth and simplicity in the story to create an experience that sets it apart from other casual farm simulation games. The storyline is engaging and creates meaning behind building the island with its narration and dialogues. The artwork for the game is highly stylized and colorful to the eye and accents the rich and vibrant landscapes in the environment. The game articles are diverse, and the tremendous number of resources in the game makes it worthwhile to explore and spend time finding items and treasures. The game is also perfect for players who check-in sporadically as the energy bar and resources times are a tad bit on the longer side. There is an option to buy in-game currency, but it is not an absolute necessity to achieve a grand island. The stamina bar can be a pain in the latter stages to players who prefer progressing quickly, but there are multiple options to explore when it comes to finding Energy. I am sure that my family island review has been an insightful read in helping you decide why this game is a good option for players to invest their time.

You will extend your stay on this mirthful and mana-filled mystery island in Easter Island. Play the game for free!

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