Fort Triumph Honest Game Review
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Fort Triumph Honest Game Review


Fort Triumph is a strategy game that is developed by the company named Cookie Byte. The early PC version of the game was first premiered on April 26, 2018. This old version was available for platforms such as WindowsLinux, and Macintosh. However, the version of the game was first released on April 16, 2020. Now, in 2020, you can play triumph on Steam and also on GOG.

The game is an exhilarating and challenging fantasy and tactics game where you can die permanently at any possible moment. Though some see this as a burden, most of the players find this very exciting and challenging. The game also received positive reviews and ratings from around the world along with millions of fort triumph downloads. For example, Techraptor gave the game 7.5 ratings out of 10. Whereas, Screen Rant gave a great 9 points out of 10. The CD-Action magazine published a review of the game where they rated the game 7 out of 10.

To tell you about the basics of the game, here, you have to lead a band of xcom heroes. They have various skills in a surrounding full of witty, mysterious, and a fantasy plot. You have to prepare yourself for a mission where there will be different objectives in wait for you to be discovered.

Fort Triumph – Next Part of Might and Magic?

The game is an RPG hybrid. It has a lot of different personalities and very robust and engaging gameplay to make it even amazing. This game is the first independent development of Cookie Byte. Some players have the opinion that the mechanics of the game is somewhat comparable to the mechanics of fantasy xcom while other gamers see an apparent similarity in terms of the exploration in the game to Might and Magic.

We can also find the roots of Fort Triumph deep down inside the game Dungeons & Dragons. The traditional genre, the well-detailed themes, and the fantastic design make a lot similar to games like League of Legends and World of Warcraft.

Fort Triumph First Look

The game Fort Triumph begins in a tavern full of smoke and smell. After midnight, even laughing is strictly forbidden in the tavern. As the game starts, we see that the three heroes of the game are having an intense discussion about the dark future they have ahead of them. But, they do not know that someone is creating an evil plot behind their backs.

According to many triumph reviews by gamers, the game does not have all the new things. Instead, it uses the same traditional formula of other fantasy games where you will find an evil character hungry for power with a massive army of dirty, filthy, evil-minded goblins, and a reign that is in total danger.

However, we must admit that unlike most of the other triumph games, almost everything that has been told or shown in this particular game has a touch of humor in it. As you start playing the game, you will notice that every single hero in the game will speak and act all the time in such a manner that matches the canons of the fantasy game genre, but they have a special emphatic touch to it. And this is precisely what makes this game different and defeats the boredom. However, as the characters try to be funny or humorous, every time they speak or act, there will be a predictable funny ending.

The cover of the game functions in a similar way like other triumph games of the same category. A player will find the options of half and full cover. However, another thing that is noticeable in the game is that, when you have a powerful attack, it can collapse even a tree trunk or a rock onto the enemy hiding behind them. Moreover, you can target and destroy it also if an enemy is near or even on top of it. This is a unique feature of the game that makes the battle yet intense since no place is safe for you also if you are hiding.

What is Inside the Fort Triumph Game?

To begin this section of triumph review, in the strategic part of the game, a player has to go around the map and search for various resources and magical artifacts. A player, in this vital section, does not have to be bothered about recruiting or even training the troops. The only thing a player has to focus is on the dream team of xcom heroes. Moreover, in the game, a player will always have a specific goal that he/she has to reach. Hence, we can say that the gameplay is more focused.

Apart from this, between the battles, a player will have to expand his castle in order to improve the abilities of his heroes. But, a player must not overcomplicate thins, he has to remember that the main focus of the game is on the battles. Hence, it is better not to mix up, and all complicate all the things by putting equal importance like most other fantasy-themed medieval xcom games. However, it would help if you never took this as a negative aspect of the game.

But, this is also true that this free foty game, contrary to many other similar games faces a little lack of variety when it comes to this particular aspect of the game.

Many players have also spoken about this lack of variety. According to them, when they play triumph games, they accept some variety in quests. Hence, it would have been better if the developers had given a thought of adding some secondary journeys or more adventures; and if they had added some real dungeon for the players or given them the option to at least encounter some random events in this free foty game. Hence, a player who has played XCOM or any other similar triumph game will be familiar with how triumph games work and will instantly recognize the difference.

Moreover, the customization of the characters is very minimal in the game. The game allows you to change the colors of their outfits alone. You can not change their skins or even their gear. Moreover, it would help if you remembered that you could permanently lose a character in the game.  But, suppose your archer dies in Fort Triumph, in that case, you can recruit another character who is exactly similar in every aspect to the archer. However, though you get the option to replace the character with the exact same one, you can not replace the progress your previous character made or the abilities it had. So in the end, you get a new similar character without any development in the game.

Here are some tips for the game that you can follow:

  1. While playing the game, always try to select between four classes and four factions.
  2. Keep expanding your base and collecting resources. At the same time, do not forget to and train your characters with fresh skills regularly.
  3. Like most other fantasy xcom games, this game too includes flexible world maps that have variable locations and dealings. And here you will need a new plan for each battle.

Fort Triumph: Our Conclusion

Keeping in mind the traditional triumph games, we can say that the game is quite funny and swift. And, fun and swiftness are two qualities that are essential for any battle game. As soon as you start playing this medieval xcom themed game, you will discover yourself in a small area that is covered with trees, rocks, and columns. However, as mentioned earlier, nothing is static and safe for too long in this game. Here everything stays static for a short time the heroes in the game, all the enemies around, and even the surrounding of the game itself. You can not rely on anything for too long. You have to keep moving to be safe in the game.

Fort Triumph also has different unique twists that make the players face new challenges. For example, the battles in the game follow a similar pattern. But, then it throws in over-watch strikes that can both make the surprised but also they can something that can take advantage of.

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From this discussion, we can say that the Fort Triumph game brings something new to the genre of triumph games. The game has an entertaining story along with bright and colorful graphics. Though it lacks some of the things that we have discussed in the article like variety in battle and other similar things, there are some unique features that make this game very different in this genre. For example, the very fact that no place in the game is safe for hiding makes many players thrilled and excited. Don’t forget, that you can find more games at

Hence, without any doubt, we can say that this game is not just for the hardcore strategy based gamers. But, fort triumph download goes further to be a good option for young players as well who are planning to enter this genre of games. Play Vikings Go Wild for free. Try it Now!


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