Garena Free Fire — Another PUBG Clone or Something Bigger?
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Garena Free Fire — Another PUBG Clone or Something Bigger?


Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game that was revered with the award tag of ‘Best Popular Game’ previous year in 2019 by the Google Play Store. This mainstream game, developed by 111 Dots studio from Vietnam, was published by Gareno on December 4, 2018, and is available for free fire download on both IOS and Android. The official testing began over a year before it was published while the beta version was made available by November 20, 2018.

Garena Free Fire gameplay

Garena Free Fire is perfect if you are up with dealing with violent based games. A game where players are virtually killed with pinches of screen blood. Garena Free Fire is an absolute masterpiece for all players ready to kill, survive, and win virtually. The entire Garena Free Fire gameplay relies on surviving.

Any individual within the match drenches entirely into the mood. That’s possible only because of Garena Free Fire’s cool sound and graphics. The realistic feel is perhaps addictive.

Players get to play either in solo, duo, or squad teams. Playing in teams carries the advantage of getting you revived after being knocked. Garena Free Fire also grants the liberty to find any gun of preference and multiple game modes.

  1. Primary mode: The basic or Classic mode in Garena Free Fire comprises two locations, i.e., Purgatory and Bermuda. This mode has the least rules to follow, and the number of players competing against each other is 50.
  2. Ranked Game: Almost identical to the Basic Garena Free Fire mode except for the ranking system and liberty of choosing desirable locations. Eligibility to play this mode is level 10 and more. Winning this mode rewards the winner with stars that rank them higher and the rest of the players with a 20% bonus game cash.
  3. Rush hour mode: A faster and more challenging version of the previous game is Rush hour mode, although unlockable on Mondays. The duration of the game is reduced as the players in a match are lessened to 20.

As mentioned earlier, the key to Garena Free Fire is peak survival. Regardless of how amazing you play, it’s always best to consider a few surviving tips. Out of many others, I acted according to the below-stated tips.

Arriving earliest carries a benefit to knock out the opposite player in the air. To not fall as a prey to this, avoid opening your parachute at the very beginning. Let the Garena Free Fire system automatically open it for you. I try to land ahead of my enemies and never, I repeat never land in the Power plant region. I am yet to fully trust my skills to take a fight in that region. And post-landing safely, hunting guns and armor begins. Both the armor and gun are essential for survival. Also, do not be greedy by rushing to loot a killed body crate or by feeding the limited bag space with unnecessary bullets. Instead, fill it with kits that you need in your journey.

The most important advice for one and all is to use good quality headphones that’ll navigate the sound of the enemy. On picking the enemy sound, quickly check the mini-map and figure out the status of it. You can read our review about another battle royale competitors such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and Apex Legends.

Garena Free Fire as an eSport discipline

Due to popularity and demand, the Garena Free Fire has accounted for many timely internet tournaments. From Brazil to India to Indonesia, the tournament engagement is high with over a thousand and even million participants and supporters. Only possible because of the Garena Free Fire fans. But I came across thousands of Indonesian officials’ query if Garena Free Fire ditutup in their country? Without a doubt, NO! Garena Free Fire ditutup is not even close to Indonesia.

I also recently noticed that the Garena Free Fire eSport organizers are more likely to conduct tournaments that stretch to a small number of 5 or 7 days primarily because long extended tournaments consume a lot more weeks or even months to end just like the Championship in Brazil last time begging for a position of 6th rank in this discipline.

But why is the game so popular despite the other growing popularity of battle royale games in Brazil? The smartphone market is a definite answer. The only necessity factor of any Garena free fire esport is the availability of a compatible smartphone. Brazil is a country where residents tend to stay within a margin of $150 mobile budget. Low ram android smartphones cannot run HD games like that of Fortnight. The right to gaming is for all, and this is why Free Fire can never shade out from the limelight of ‘Outrage’.

Apart from all, easy free fire download on ANDROID and IOS efficiency is another factor of this discipline in demand. Where e-sport was troubling with desktop players only, it has now shifted to smartphones.

Coming to tournaments in India, the same energy in my home country is prevalent. Garena Free Fire fans nationwide including me were firmly preparing for the Championship 2020 with the big prize of INR 3.5 lakh when the pandemic surfaced, and the total lockdown was called. Sadly, the tournament for India this year is canceled, the whole of which will be revised soon.

Other than tournaments, Garena Free Fire shines in several live streams. Players are also gifted with coding in the free fire. Codiguin free fire is nothing but a bonus for eligible players.

The popularity of Garena Free Fire in Asia

My friends from the West rotate their gaming arena with Fortnight, Apex, and Pubg. This case alters abruptly in the Continent of Asia. Garena Free Fire has emerged as a dominating battle royale game in Asia. Presently, Garena Free Fire has over 500 million downloads. But why is it so?

The fact that Smartphones are needless to be adequate with high ram and screen interface for Garena Free Fire explains it all. While for games like Pubg and Fortnight, iPhone and iPad require the best resolution and smooth gameplay, for Garena Free Fire, a smartphone with an average tech can work. Garena Free Fire was developed with a vision of smoothness in any Android.

I support many content creators who earn a living through the Live streams. The youth, in general, doing so is impressive to me.  Garena Free Fire Asia has set up the pioneer of earning for many. Anyone who adds pinches of creativity implies more numbers of audiences. The monetizing source without much equipment and more spotlight to creativity are sure to brag more attention and popularity.

How Garena’s Free Fire competes with Fortnite and PUBG Mobile

For many in the West, the term ‘Battle royale game’ reflects either PUBG, Apex, or Fortnight. The essence of its popularity portrays its extended stay, and I suppose it’s not seizing anytime soon. None but Garena Free Fire, has come along as a tough competitor to them and more. The Garena Free Fire has drenched into the heart of more than 500 million active players with over 50 million daily logins.

The overall gameplay of all is somewhat similar to one another. On the arrival of Pubg mobile, the players went kaboom, and the number of Pubg players drastically rose. But Pubg mobile was still lacking something. The gap that it had for smartphones with low ram persisted.

But most people are pretty attractive to games that are based on knocking and surviving. To fill up the void, came in the Garena Free Fire that has managed to earn the same count of players worldwide.

How are things going with cheaters in this game?

The highly popularised game is narrowing every possible thing down to avoid the act of hacking. The goal of hackers is to encounter additional advantages over opposite players.

Recently, the game monitored its many reported players with a suspect to free fire hack and permanently eliminated the guilt’s, amounting to over 89,600.

Also, with the 3rd June 2020 update OB22, Garena Free Fire nosed up with their anti-free fire hack system to accompany in between the matches. The update was set due to an extensive increase in hackers. After the update, a total of 3.8 million Garena Free Fire accounts were eliminated. Regardless of how much your Garena Free Fire account has grown, it will be instantly banned after the suspicion is confirmed.

The update has delivered a much-needed help to seek genuine gameplay. With my personal gaming experience, I can say that such mischievous acts are utterly frustrating.


With Garena Free Fire, you have your own PlayStation at pocket. To the shortest contrast, Garena Free Fire is the exact alternative to Pubg mobile but with a lower level of graphics ofc. Garena Free Fire Kalahari that has been here for us, the gamers from the ending of may this year is the best alternative to Pubg’s Miramar map. Desert battle is not much of a personal choice, but if it’s yours, then rock your time at Garena Free Fire Kalahari.

You can also enjoy the same feature in Hanzo Dojo. Train with the fiercest of fighters from the Land of the Rising Sun. Play it now for free!!

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