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Ghost of Tsushima Review – The Last PS4 Exclusive


Everyone loves gaming consoles, and thus more features and styles are being added to them. The latest gaming console available on the market currently is the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro. It has a variety of games. The most popular games of these are action-adventure games. They are a blend of both genres and bring out the best of both to give the user the best gaming experience. One such game available on the PS4 is the Ghost of Tsushima. It is prevalent for its visuals and user interface.

A Samurai Tale You Must Experience

The Ghost of Tsushima ps4 is a game belonging to the action-adventure genre. Sucker Punch Productions developed it. It was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 and was released on 17 July 2020. Soon after its release, the Ghost of Tsushima review received is perfect. It takes place on the island of Tsushima and is set around the time of the first Mongol invasion of Japan during the late 13th century. The game is exclusive to PS4, thus eliminating any scope of Ghost of Tsushima pc.

Jin Sakai is the main character of the game and is one of the last remaining samurai warriors on the island of Tsushima after the first wave of a brutal Mongol invasion. He is the head of the Sakai clan as well as the nephew and ward of Lord Shimura, the main leader of the island. When the Mongol invasion led by Khotun Khan takes place on the island, all the warriors are killed, and Lord Shimura is captured. Jin Sakai is brutally injured and left to die.

Upon his rescue and recovery, he learns the truth and gravity of the situation. He soon learns that his traditional skills and techniques are not enough to win this battle and stop the Mongol army. So he learns new skills and begins training while recruiting new members to his side at the same time to help him rescue his uncle. As he saves the towns across the island and supports the people, he earns their respect and is known by the name of “The Ghost.” This new identity and new life make him determined to find a way to reclaim his home and save his uncle and save his island.

The problematic, life-threatening situations with enemies everywhere, frequent battles, new significant changes that have tremendous influences, and difficult choices which can change everything, Ghost of Tsushima completely and most accurately showcases a true and brave samurai warrior’s tale. It is bound to leave you with goosebumps. It is a game that everyone will love and appreciate. If you are interested in gaming, you should try this game. It will live up to your expectations as is evident by the Ghost of Tsushima review.

Main Gameplay Features

The gameplay is what makes a game appealing or unappealing to a user. A game can have a great storyline or characters, but if the gameplay is not up to the mark, then it will never be a big hit among the users. The Ghost of Tsushima pc version is unavailable, making it exclusive for the PS4. The Ghost of Tsushima ps4 has some fantastic gameplay mechanics that set it aside from the other games of that genre and make it unique, giving it the look of a vintage samurai movie. Some of these features are given below.

  1. Open World Game: in this game, the environment guides the player. It means the factors like the wind or the animals will show Jin Sakai the way to his destination. It makes it a more indirect and exciting feature of the Ghost of Tsushima as compared to the direct availability of a map or some other such distinctive symbol or feature.
  2. Stealth Game: as mentioned earlier, Jin soon earns a new identity and reputation as the Ghost. It becomes necessary for him to achieve his goal. When he is The Ghost, his personality, character, and fighting and attack techniques transform accordingly. This part handles the stealth mode of the game. The player has two options, to use the honest warrior of the Sakai clan and fight an open battle or to use the dishonest Ghost and take away the enemies one by one. When this is done, it naturally creates an environment of fear among the foes. The player can again use this fear to his or her advantage. The game also provides options for collecting Ghost of Tsushima trophies.
  3. Choices Affect Relationships: the game has two methods of playing, just as the protagonist has two identities. Even though honest and honorable, when he is the last samurai left on the island with the huge responsibility of protecting his home along with the mainland of Japan and saving his uncle, he turns to the Ghost, using dishonest means and stealth to win his battles and ultimately the war. At every point of the game, he is faced with the choice of how he wants to fight- as Jin Sakai or as the Ghost. These choices affect his relationship with the other characters. For example, the decision of the spirit affects Jin’s relationship with his uncle Lord Shimura, because it is him who has taught Jin his values and their importance from a very young age.
  4. Customization: the players have the choice of dressing up the character as they wish in the Ghost of Tsushima armor. The appearance of the tone has been paid a lot of attention to. It focuses on the aesthetics and the utility of the presentation. They can be colored according to the player’s wishes, and different props from around the character can also be used to style or make the Ghost of Tsushima armor more useful.
  5. Kurosawa Mode: this mode is specifically designed to provide the game with a typical classic samurai movie look and feel. When this is activated, a grainy black and white filter appears on the screen just as in old samurai movies, and dialogues appear in Japanese.

Fight for Your Life (battle mechanism explained)

There are two basic modes of playing Ghost of Tsushima. One is as Jin, which is the normal mode, and another is as The Ghost, which is the stealth mode. The game has three basic types of attacks, that is, quick attack, massive attack, and stab attack. It also has combat mechanics known as to resolve, which lets you use your samurai spirit to push through the pain and injuries you have sustained. You can also collect the Ghost of Tsushima trophies.

There is the feature of dodging arrows. One of the most important mechanisms is the classic samurai standoffs, like in the old samurai movies, that always give you a thrill. Dismemberment and decapitation features are also available in this game. While attacking the enemy, the typical parrying, blocking, and dodging mechanisms can be used. You can also cancel an initiated attack to respond to the enemy according to your advantage. Bows can also be used. Different Ghost of Tsushima mask can be obtained at various locations.

The necessary actions of jumping and crouching can be done as well. Jin has two stances, the stone stance, and the water stance, which represent two sides of his personality and identity. Jin also has the option of using fear and distractions on his enemies to bring them down. Assassination, chain assassination, and slaughter options are also available. The Ghost of Tsushima mask is also possible to collect.

Smoke bombs, kunai, and fear can be used as weapons. Red attack options help Jin to spot an attack while the end suffering mechanism allows him to kill an enemy who is in a lot of pain and is about to die.

Ghost of Tsushima Tips and Tricks

With advanced gameplay and an impressive number of features and mechanisms, a few Ghosts of Tsushima tips and tricks can always come in handy in this game. Given below are some tips and tricks of the game.

  1. There is an abundance of encampments and settlements that you can save to unlock rare charms and supplies as well as unlock a new stance by killing the captain.
  2. You can hold the R2 key to observe the captains properly before killing them. It is one of the Ghosts of Tsushima tips that will give you a chance of doubling your points.
  3. Always follow the golden birds because they lead you to essential upgrades and locations that can help you to increase your health, resolve, and even overall character in Ghost of Tsushima.
  4. Try to obtain the charm of Inari early in the game to get immense power.
  5. You must pick the most important and useful arts for Jin and unlock them first to obtain the best out of the game.


The Ghost of Tsushima was released only a month back, and it has taken the gaming world by a storm. It is one of the best games available with its amazing gameplay features, captivating graphics and user interface, and a thrilling plotline. It is a game every player irrespective of their choices will enjoy.


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