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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang — Game Overview and Key Features (Part 1)


The inception and creation of a new free-to-play multiplayer game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang was back on 11th July 2016. It was released by a video game publishing and developing company called Moonton, formerly known as YoungJoy Technology Pte. Ltd. It was released with a subtitle 5v5 MOBA with a beta version launched in Brazil and got globally released later in November 2016.

The game has ever since become immensely popular among people across the world, especially in Southeast Asia. Mobile Legends includes an online arena for battle called MOBA, which has a massive range of characters to choose from. The characters are based on mobile legends heroes with unique abilities. The game involves a quick set up with matching and fast-paced gaming, enabling rapid and satisfactory gameplay sessions for anybody on the go. It includes gaming aspects and features like hero abilities, hero roles, Jungling, item builds, skins, landing, etc.

One can play the game by downloading it free of cost from the App Store for iOS devices as well as from Playstore for Android devices. Also, you get the apk mobile legends on their website itself. This real-time action and strategy game called Mobile Legends has the objective of a player controlling a character of his or her choice against other players. You are required to destroy the other player’s structures, demolish their strategies by killing the archrival heroes against your character, defending with all might your base of assistance powered by computer-programmed units who follow orders according to your choice of action.

Mobile Legends Key Features

The game has been loaded with a lot of features that strike a resemblance to many other multiplayer combat games. However, some distinct features, but some distinct features put out Mobile Legends as an attractive game.

  • It has a massive range of characters followed by the qualities of fighters, mage, marksman, assassin, tank, as well as support. You choose your selection of mobile legend heroes from a wide range of roles to support your strategy for the game.
  • The 5v5 MOBA Gameplay is a classic MOBA combat that takes place against real-time players or opponents. You play fighting over three lanes to demolish the tower of your opponent and win the match eventually.
  • Mobile Controls are helpful as they are set up in a virtual joystick style on your touchscreen devices. You can aim at opponents either using the auto-aiming feature of the game or by manually touching the toggle on the touchscreen.
  • You can live stream the game in Mobile Legends. This feature is in-built in the game. You can stream your pro games as well as browse and look through other’s gameplay library to check out their strategy. You can also use filters to search for specific heroes, mobile legends ranks, and other criteria.
  • The matchmaking takes hardly ten seconds every time you try to look for a new opponent to play against. Each game takes ten minutes to play at an average, thus, not very time-consuming. The game has a rapid leveling system that helps you go up the mobile legends ranks quick and easy.

Good old classic 5v5 MOBA mechanic

The game mobile legends bang bang has a very classic and approachable taste in gaming mechanics that are not very hard to pick up if you have played games like DOTA, League of Legends, etc. the mechanics are based on a basic map mechanics where the entire game is played over a map using three lanes, jungles as well as other mechanics.

The main map has three separate lanes with three turrets. You have to push and battle through the opponent’s minions and destroy turrets then confront your enemy base. Each lane is purposed with different roles.

  • The Jungle

It the region between the three lanes where you can cut through and cross into another lane instead of going back. It is where you gain EXP as well as gold to level up your hero to the next rank. You can get bonuses as well as a defense by killing the enemy and the monsters.

  • Sub-Bosses

Two monsters are known as sub-bosses who do not spawn until the next match. They serve as an extra challenge to help you win bonuses and require you a team to battle it out with them. If the enemy team defeats your sub-boss, it can be a wrong time for defending your base.

Sending off your tank to the assassin will only clear out turrets. It will help you to locate and attack them quickly instead of running through three different lanes, leaving them exposed.

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