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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang — Differences Between Versions Which You Will Love – (Part 2)


Welcome to the second part of our review of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game review. If you don’t read the first part, then do this here on our portal and return to this article. So, let’s continue our story.

Mobile Legends game modes to enjoy

There are several game modes available in the gameplay of mobile legends bang bang. Based on Event modes, you can get mayhem in which some of the heroes can get overpowered skills. Mirror mode is when players from each vote a hero and use the same hero. Survival mode is when there are three players in one team compared to 33 teams, that is, ninety-nine players in total. The other event mode is the magic chess were 8 complex strategies based mode appears for players competing against each other and random ‘creeps’ on a magic chessboard.

The game modes are as follows:

  1. Classic, where a casual game occurs
  2. Brawl- where one lane and random choice of mobile legend characters are available with the simple base fight.
  3. Rank- where players compete against each other for ranks
  4. Vs. AI- where five players will play against five AIs. this includes different modes of difficulty as well as needs you to invite four other players to join you. It can be done randomly.
  5. Custom- where a human plays against an AI. It can also be a game where 1-5 AIs play against you and other players you invite.
  6. Draft Pick- where you unlock the epic division, this mode is available. Both teams can ban three heroes.

Mobile Legends: Adventure – the main differences of a sequel

The mobile legends adventure has a very typical AFK RPG or Idle. Bang bang has featured a lot of hands-on and manual player vs player action and modes, mobile legends adventure runs on you gaining the most gold, hero EXP, or EXP, and you let the game run in the background. This sequel has many familiar faces which also includes you to enter an adventure with the first character, Layla, who is a marksman. Tigreal a tank involves the nature of combat. However, they are stereotypical when described through the adventure. As the game is meant to run in the background without you hopping on board much to fight, it is Idle. The combats are automatic and are not based on your actions but your preparations before a match. Your hero needs to rank more than your opponents to win. However, the crew behind works on bringing more and more gold, hero EXP, and EXP. It is simple and does not require you to spend your time stressing in live combat. You can upgrade heroes to get them powerful abilities.

The most popular MOBA game for mobile in Asia region

If one is asked about the most addictive game across the population of Asia, it will easily be the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for several reasons. After its release back in November 2016 by the Shanghai Moonton technology, the game gained immense popularity in Asia. The mechanics of the game, as mentioned above, are elementary and can be practically learned by a novice in no time. The entertaining gameplay helps draw more and more people to the very cool characters in the game.

Moonton does not stop at just releasing the game but develops character arc with several features continually being uploaded to enhance the gaming experience for users. Not only does it brings more and more great characters in the gameplay but also keeps the leveling up process quick and easy. One can choose games based on event modes as well as game modes. The Mobile Legends game is easy to download as it is available on the App Store for iOS devices and Play store for Android devices. Both apk mobile legends can be found easily on the website of the game.

As the game does not require much money but only gameplay time, there are tournaments held in South East Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. The tournament is a big deal and is organized by ordinary people and not by Moonton. Thus, Mobile Legends is a big deal in Asia.

Before the conclusion, check out my in-game screenshots


Thus, Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a game with elements of MOBA. The game has excellent features with active live and real-time combat with multiple players on the server. The heroes of Mobiel legends are donned with special abilities that go up and excel as you rank higher in the game with the gold, hero EXP, and game EXP you gather through matches. The matchmaking is swift and can be done based on the type of event mode as well as game mode you have in mind to play in. Being a massive fan of the gameplay, 10 out of 10 recommend this game to anybody who wants a gala through real-time multiplayer combatting on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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