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Pet Paradise — the New Life of the Original Facebook Pet Society Game


To know about the game in question first, we have to know about the Pet Society. After the pet society game was discontinued for many years, the developers introduced the new mobile version of the game, which is Pet Paradise. The original game was a social-network platform game that was developed by a game developer named Playfish that and the Pet Society game was available for playing on Facebook.

The old version of the Pet Paradise game was launched on August 8 in the years 2008. With its launch, the game became very popular and was having around 50 million players every month. Moreover, apart from playing, the game was also making approximately 100,000 dollars a day just by selling the in-game stuff. However, despite its initial success, the original developer that was Playfish was bought by the company named Electronic Arts back in 2009. The new owners decided to discontinue the game on the selected date of June 14, 2013. However, the game was ultimately shut down on June 18 of the same year.

After the original Pet Society game was discontinued in 2013, the new developers introduced the latest version of the game, which is the Pet Paradise mobile version. Also, don’t forget to check my reviews on other Facebook games on my website, such as The Criminal Case and Dragon City.

The History of the Original Pet Society Game

The history of the original Pet Society game goes back more than a decade to the year 2008. This initial version of the game that was launched in 2008 was a social-network game and was available on Facebook for playing.

The developer of the original 2008 game was Playfish. Since its launch in 2008, the game became of the top games in the next few years and the most played game on Facebook.

The game was pretty simple. In the game, the players had to could design their pets. They could choose the names, colors, appearances, and even the gender of their pets. Moreover, the players could also interact with their pets. They could wash them; clean them, brush them, and feed them. The game also had other features where they could build and decorate their home.

The game had kinds of stuff like drags and dropped to add in your room. The game also had a garden when you could plant the seeds and grow food to feed the pets. Moreover, since the game was based on social media such as Facebook, naturally it had the feature where you could visit the society of your friends and see their pets. The game had an added element of a map where you could hunt for treasure and find rare things that will help you with the development of the game and increase the levels.

However, even though the game was viral, it was discontinued in the year 2013 because of some internal problems that we will discuss later.

The King is Dead. Long Live the King

The older version of Pet Paradise was declared dead in 2013. The developers of the game named Electronic Arts and Maxis announced this on 14th June 2013. According to their announcement, several Facebook games, including Pet Society, were to be taken offline permanently that year.

The decline in user activity as of 2013 was given as the prime reason for the shutdown by Electronic Arts (EA) and Maxis. At the beginning of the game, where millions of users logged in to play the game, the number kept falling in the later years and was very low by the year 2013.

EA and Maxis further said that it was not the first time that something of this sort happened. Such occurrences are common in the gaming world, and people who are familiar with the internal workings of the industry will not be surprised by this. The community forums for the game were finally closed down on June 14th in 2013.

The Simple Good-Old Mechanic is the Key to the Success

The simple and easy game mechanics had always been the critical factor of the enormous success it received back in 2008. And now, like the older version of the game, in the new version as well Pet Paradise has maintained this simplicity.

When the developers first posted the trailer of the new game on Facebook, the video gained more than 1.7 million views. This is enough to show the popularity it still has among players. They developers of the game also announced that the new game will be released on the 4th of July and will be available for download on app stores by 25th July.

The new Pet Paradise mobile also has the same proper old mechanics that is enough to remind the players of the older version of the game that they once loved to play. Similar to the older version, the new game allows the players to customize their pets. In the customization, they could select the names, the colors, the overall appearances, and the gender of their pets. Moreover, just like the old simple version, in Pet Paradise, too players have to do different jobs such as washing; cleaning, combing and feeding the pets. There is also the feature of the building house for pets. The players can decorate their homes.

In the Pet Paradise review, players said that they are playing the game on the phone and an iPad now. And they are very excited about the fact that the new game seems like the old game that they used to play years ago.

How to Start Playing and What do You Need to Play

The new Pet Paradise tricks for the game-play are similar to the old version. In the original game, all you need to do it similar to its name; you have to create a virtual paradise for your pets.

You have to customize and create your virtual pets in the game. You have to name them; you have to dress your pets attractively with the thousands of combinations available. You have to feed them and take proper care of them. In short, you have to do all those things that you do for a real pet.

Pet Paradise also has a feature where you can build your house and decorate it with different elements. You can navigate between different rooms! They’re free to decorate with drag and drops. Moreover, you can also go outside your house and navigate between different shops that are available in the game city. You can buy different kinds of stuff from the shops that are necessary for you and your pets. You can also buy collectible items.

The game further has a garden where you have to plant seeds and properly water them and take care of them to let them grow and harvest fruits. This harvest will be necessary to feed your pets.

Pat Paradise game-play also has other additional features where you can go fishing, dig for treasure with the help of a treasure map and get exciting rare rewards and items.

Tips and Tricks to Be the Best at the Game

Before you start playing, there are a few Pet Paradise tips and tricks related to the boosters and the PC set up that you might want to know.

Boosters Tips for Pet Paradise

  1. In the game, always use diamonds to unlock powerful boosters. The process is much easier that way.
  2. The second Pet Paradise tip to remember is that the Boulder Bubbles in the game change when they are between rocks and the normal bubbles.
  3. Always use a super aim. It will help you with difficult shots.
  4. Remember that extra Bubbles in the game will give you three added shots.
  5. You simply can not match Rock Bubbles in the game. Hence, drop the Rock Bubbles by popping more bubbles in the surrounding areas.
  6. You can use Fireballs to blow up all the bubbles around.
  7. Use Third Bubble. It will insert an added bubble to the launcher you are using.

Pet Paradise Tricks for PC Set-Up

  1. To install the PC set-up, you must have an Android emulator such as Bluestacks.
  2. Secondly, you have to go to Google Play Store and set up your account now and look for the game in the store.
  3. Download the game when you find it in the play store. You can also download the APK of file from a third-party APK provider.


The Pet Paradise game had many ups and downs. It had a fantastic beginning that any game would dream of having. The game had 50 million monthly players, making 100000 dollars per day. But, by the year 2013, the game had lost its former glory and had to take to the decision of discontinuing it. Now with its new version, the game is standing up again. It is trying to regain the place it once had. The developers have retained the simple old game mechanics that once attracted millions of players every month. And now looking at the amazing and positive Pet Paradise review we can say that the game is advancing towards a bright and popular future.

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