Proceed – Find us a new home planet

Proceed – Find us a new home planet


Sandbox with a Twist

You have your usual sandbox games Minecraft, and Terraria, the most popular of the two. I personally favor sandbox games a lot, the reason why? Well, in a sandbox game you have the challenge to survive, or you can let your creativity go wild! (Yes, I spend a lot of time in creative mode on Minecraft. But that’s beside the point!).

Now, what if I told you, there was a sandbox game that takes place in the future. And you can take control of, and customize your own A.I. Mech to find us a new home for our now dying beloved planet Earth? Sounds like an awesome idea right? Well, let me introduce you to “Proceed”! An indie sandbox game being developed by Ink Cap Games, where you have one goal, that goal being to survive, and find us our new home planet!

“Proceed” features; a random infinitely generated universe to explore. Powerful enemies to discover and take down. A huge focus on upgrading to help your A.I. Mech become more powerful, traverse the land, skies, and space much quicker, and obtain more defense. Day and Night cycles, plus a dynamic weather system for each planet you visit. Plus many more ways to form your own exploration strategy with more upgradeable droids other than the Mech!

Let’s go to Space!

When I first launched the alpha demo, it was pleasing to see how polished it looked. You are introduced to the story, telling you what has been happening to Earth over the past few years. Then it drops you straight into the tutorial! You begin in the “Workshop” menu, this is where the game tells you all about your A.I. and how to customize it. After completing this part of the tutorial I felt it was guided through very well. I didn’t have much trouble finding out how to do things.

You’re then taken to a view of the starting solar system. It guides you through how to navigate to a different planet. This is where the gameplay really kicks in. You start off in your small little space shuttle, and from here you’re able to fly out of the ship.

The game can be played with either keyboard or controller. Testing out gameplay with a controller was a bit weird. The controls were alright, but it conflicted with the fact I had a keyboard. Whenever I used the weapon, it would constantly fire in a direction that I didn’t want. Another thing I noticed, by hitting the back button on my controller it kept opening the menu and closing it. From then on I decided not to play with a controller due to much of the trouble it was causing. On the other hand using the keyboard was a breeze, everything felt right, and the controls were really smooth.

Just Beyond the Horizon

This game has amazing visuals, such as being able to tell how greatly detailed a planet is. Plus how far away you are from it when exiting/entering the atmosphere. Just for an alpha demo, it looks like a great game overall! Though with me being on a low-end gaming laptop, I couldn’t really view the entire beauty of this game. The music sounded amazing and really made me feel as if I were traversing through space to an extraterrestrial planet.

Though this is in alpha be warned there can be many bugs to pop up. I found one such bug when I was boosting to go right while flying it kept shooting me left. I found it really hard to go in the direction that I wanted to go. But nonetheless had a great experience! “Proceed” has great potential for what it’s going for. I love everything about this title, and will be sure to hopefully pick it up!

If you love sandbox games or just a game that challenges you, I would recommend checking out “Proceed”. Don’t forget to support them on Kickstarter as they’re offering some pretty cool prizes for backers who donate! “Proceed” will be releasing on; Steam, Windows, Mac, and Linux, near the end of 2018. They are also hoping to launch it on GOG, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but they’re not guaranteed it’ll happen. If it does they say it’ll happen sometime after initial release.

Check out the alpha demo for “Proceed” available for Windows. And Don’t forget to help support them on this amazing Kickstarter!

Victoria Turner

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