StarFlint First Look

StarFlint First Look


Adult humor? Puzzles? Space ships? All of this and more in StarFlint, a point-and-click adventure game from indie developer Stunmason games. You had me at Adult humor.

StarFlint is a 2D role-playing game set in the future, filled with various aliens, planets, puzzles, and adult humor bound to keep you hooked for more. Picture a point-and-click version of Mass Effect except it visually reflects a cartoon and has more humor, meaning there are multiple endings based on the choices you make in the game.

Created by Stunmason Games based in France, their Kickstarter campaign explains the sole purpose of Stunmason games is to release StarFlint.

According to their Kickstarter campaign, the player can explore eight planets in any order they please, and if they choose to expand their business there, they control a secret facility. Each unique playable character has special rooms to help build your facility to its full potential. In the full game, if funded, you play StarFlint as both Trixie and Flint, but in this demo, you only play as Flint.

In the demo available on Kickstarter, the gameplay focuses mainly on navigating two spaceships and solving a puzzle while incorporating adult humor at every turn.

The opening cut scene shows a series of planets (most likely planets you can visit in the full game) when suddenly you see Flint’s RV-styled space ship darting across the screen.

You are Flint, who is described on Kickstarter as a “failed smuggler with doubtful multiple skills (who) dreams in secret of galactic exploits and heroism.” Flint’s first failure serves as the opening cut scene for the demo because he decides to travel through space without having filled his space ship with fuel. As a result, he receives a transmission from a cop who informs Flint he is being intercepted by a law enforcement ship to help him refuel. As Flint approaches to dock his ship for fuel, the cop screams at Flint to straighten his ship, but it is too late and Flint crashes into the cop’s ship, causing the transmission to cut out. Two failures already, but surely it can’t get any worse?

Following the cut scene, you are placed in Flint’s space ship, with several clickable items to explore and discover. While some items have a basic description, others have more humorous details such as the TV’s “watching por-idge documentaries” and an axe-wielding plant. This isn’t a point and clicks game where clickable items are faintly highlighted and you have to click everything. The clickable items are easily seen when your cursor is hovering over them.

Later on in the demo, I was surprised to see a gaping hole in the ship you’ve crashed into, bearing a description I won’t spoil but was definitely a highlight of the game for me. Personally, I am not the biggest fan of point-and-click games, other than “The Room.” However, when I explored both Flint’s and the cop’s ships and uncovered the silly descriptions/interactions with other characters, I found myself enjoying StarFlint. That is, until I came across a puzzle near the end of the demo. I had to have clicked everything in the final room at least a dozen times before I realize I needed to click on a handful of items in my inventory. It’s not the game’s fault, more as it is my own trying to find items I already had grabbed. Unfortunately, in the demo, there are no game-changing choices you can make affecting any outcomes, but then again this is a demo, what can you expect. However, the puzzles, great sense of humor tied with hand-drawn visuals out of a cartoon makes this game worthy of praise, excitement, and most of all, funding.

Currently, StarFlint has a third of their $39,000 goal with 25 days remaining. Click here to support the game and download the demo.

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