Terror Fall (Interview) – Early Look

Terror Fall (Interview) – Early Look


I recently had the opportunity to interview Basic Hazard Entertainment about the upcoming game Terror Fall. A multiplayer survival horror game that is very remanences of the 80’s slasher flicks. The game is still in very early development.


Standing out from the Crowd

In recent years, more multiplayer survival horror games have been populating steam. I’m not complaining; I very much enjoy shoving loud non-sensical twats down the wood chipper. It will be hard to stand out from the crowd, but Basic Hazard has a solution to this. The game will be focused on the community, asymmetrical gameplay, abundance of layered levels and a real story mode. To be honest, I only cared about the story mode, but the developer stated that the multiplayer will be more like Resident Evil: Outbreak. That made me have a happy little accident in my trousers because of Resident Evil: Outbreak is one of my favorite horror games and hearing that Basic Entertainment will be using the best aspects of Resident Evil: Outbreak; makes me look forward to Terror Fall.

Playable Characters

Gameplay is planned to be like Dead by Daylight, but adding some aspects of Resident Evil: Outbreak like puzzle solving and item hunting. Players must cooperate to stay alive or become new realistic Halloween decorations. It’s yet to be decided if the victims (players) have the defensive capability of a piece of paper against the great mighty wave or a small rowboat. Either way, the player will have very little chance surviving a direct confrontation. One feature that I’m glad won’t be included in the full game is voice/text chat because I can stay immersed without having someone reminding me of the real world. Instead, players will use speech commands to communicate with “help!”, “**** off”, “run!”, etc. But beware, this could give away your position to the killer.

The Slashers

I believe on launch day there will four killers: two supernatural and two 80’s style slashers. The one I’m looking forward to most is the shapeshifter because you can bring distrust among the victims and picked them off silently one by one. Killers will have multiple ways of dispatching victims like traps, weapons that will have limited durability, surprise kills, stealth kills, and environmental kills. The gameplay aspect I’m looking forward to the most is the ability to scare other players. You can hide dead bodies in certain spots and let victims find them; which scares them and gives away their position. I will give this game 10/10 if I can throw a head through a window with a card attached to it saying: “Heads up!”.

An Actual Story?!

Legend says; when all four stars align at midnight. A developer will include a single player story mode to their multiplayer focused game. Is the legend true? Not until the year 2019 when Terror Fall comes out. The developer went into detail about his story mode and characters. Each character will have their own personality and each level will have its own story, but it’s all connected to a much bigger story. From what I was told: There is a secret organization in Terror Fall that has nothing better to do than torment teens with jigsaw traps and sending their psychopathic pets at them. This sounds like an 80’s horror flick, but it won’t be truly an 80’s horror flick unless it has characters shaking stuff at the camera trying to sell the 3-D gimmick.

Terror Fall is planned to be released in 2019 but could be delayed because the developer had rather have a full complete game than a rushed incomplete game. However, he does plan to have an open beta in mid-2018 for everyone to play. If you are interested in this game, then check out his social media for new content down below.

Website: https://www.basichazardent.com/

Twitter: @BasicHazardEnt

Instagram: basichazardent

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