The League of Legends Phenomenon — MOBA gaming at its finest
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The League of Legends Phenomenon — MOBA gaming at its finest


If you’re here it can only mean one of two things, either you’ve just downloaded the game, or you’ve just started playing and are searching for a comprehensive guide to the game. Either way, you’ve come to the right place since this article will help you understand everything that you need to be aware of.

But first, what is League of Legends all about anyway? See, the game is what we call a multiplayer online battle arena, also called MOBA in short. It is a format of gameplay that is extremely popular these days in the online gaming domain. The game has been incredibly popular in the last couple of years. It has attracted players from around the world and is one of the most played MOBA games on the planet today.

LoL is played in teams, two of them to be specific. In a standard format of gameplay, a total of ten players are divided into two groups equally. Hence, it means that there are five players in each of the teams. The teams are then dropped into a fictional map setting known as the Summoner’s Rift. They then partake in several battles till the end, when one of the teams is declared a winner.

As a player in League of Legends, you’ll be in control of a single character. This character is known as a champion. You’ll be responsible for handling this character and for assisting your teammates in your path to glory.

So, who are these champions? They are characters in the game. There are currently over 140 champions to choose from in the game. Each of them has their skillsets and techniques that’ll come in handy while playing League of Legends. You get to choose your preferred champion right before the game begins. You must take this step seriously, since choosing the right hero can drastically improve your team’s chances of winning the coveted title of the winner.

But how do you exactly win the game? It’s simple. The free to play model provides a base that you’re required to construct in the game. This base serves to be your team’s headquarters. Similarly, your opponent team is also needed to form a base. To win the game, all you need to do is to destroy the opposition’s base.

However, it’s not that simple. See League of Legends is a shortened RPG game. You start at level 1 and eventually move up the ranks of abilities and health. If you try to dive straight into enemy territory, you’ll most certainly end up losing the game. It’s essential to form the right strategy along with your teammates and only then to attack the opponent.

Is it Worth to Start Playing Now?

Yes, of course, it is. As a beginner, you’ve got to begin somewhere, sometime. The game has garnered a lot of attention in recent years. It makes it a particularly happening game at the moment. It will pay off big time to be a part of this community of LoL players.

LOL Champion Basics

Think of champions as the core of the game. They make up the most significant chunk of the game in terms of strategy and maneuvering. A different set of champions can create an altogether different reality, albeit in the same realm of the Summoner’s Rift.

Champions possess distinct abilities that make them unique to a player. They can be used in several different ways depending on your approach to the gameplay mechanics. Let’s look at what makes these characters so unique in the first place.

  1. Powers and abilities: Abilities are of two types. One is automatic, and the other one is manual. Automatic skills are the ones that the character engages in all by itself. You can activate automatic abilities by right-clicking on the enemy. Manual skills, on the other hand, require deliberate strategizing and contemplation. You’ll have a vast array of attacks at your disposal which you need to use in the right way. It is done to deliver the most considerable blow you possibly can.
  2. Stats: Champions have several stats. These are nothing but representations of how well a particular character does in different departments. Let’s look at some of the basic stats at your disposal:
  • Health – Indicated by the green bar on the side
  • Ability Source – These include energies, mana, and other types of ability sources.
  • Attack Damage – Represents the net damage you can create using physical attacks.
  • Ability Power – Represents how much stronger you can make your abilities.
  • Attack Speed – Represents how fast you can deal a blow on an enemy.
  • Armour – Represents your innate resistance to physical attacks.
  • Magic Resist – This is the same as the armor, except that it saves you using magic and not a real armor.
  • Movement Speed – This is different from attack speed. It represents how fast you can move on average.
  • Cooldown Reduction – Represents the time you need to wait before you’re able to use a particular ability upon exhausting it.
  • Critical Strike Chance – Represents your probability of landing a critical hit. A critical hit is one that doubles your usual level of physical damage.

You can also level up your champions from their initial state. The LoL latest update further improves upon this particular feature and makes it more robust. You usually start at level 1 and can go up to a maximum level of 18. Killing enemies, destroying enemy turrets, and farming minions grants you experience.

The League of Legends main menu screen

The League of Legends main menu screen

How to Start Playing Ranked?

What is Ranked? It is essentially a beginner’s starter pack for the game. You must have played at least a couple of matches of the game, even if you’re a newbie. See this pack is a lot more intense than the usual games you’ll come across. The enemies are typically a lot harsher in terms of their attack styles. Higher levels of strategizing and tactics are required to have a go at this sort of gameplay.

The first step in the process is to choose your primary and secondary roles that you’ll be taking. The free to play model provides both. The best way to do it is to play a lot. You need to familiarise yourself with all the five roles to be able to make the right choice. It will help you understand how to counter a specific opponent or type of match. For example, if you’re playing against poke mages, you have a better chance of dominating if you understand veteran support.

The other part here is that you need to be comfortable playing with your role. In Ranked, your character is everything. Thus, ensure that you love your personality.

After you gather some experience and eventually build a strong champion base, try joining a community. Communities for the game are available on multiple platforms. Discord undoubtedly has the most extensive user base for the game. The members typically indulge in stimulating discussions and bring forth several new ideas. Other notable platforms include Twitch and Reddit.

You can also try learning more from other platforms such as YouTube. Here, several veteran players explain varied approaches to the gameplay and how to become a true legend in the game. Another similar useful platform is the LOL Wiki. This platform also has a vibrant user base and teaches you tricks and tips about how to conquer the world of League of Legends.


The critical thing to understand is that a competitive team game such as this one requires you to be familiar with the community. A well-versed player is much more likely to be successful at playing the game than someone who doesn’t understand the team playing aspects of it.

It’s difficult to conclude upon a particular characteristic of the community. However, one word suitable enough is mixed. You’ll find a lot of supportive and overall good people in the community. But you’ll also end up interacting with a bunch of people with not so great attitudes and a penchant for causing trouble.

It is especially true if you’re a newbie. A lot of seasoned players in the community have high expectations for what they consider quality gameplay. As a beginner, you’re likely to fail at meeting their high standards for gameplay which can then turn ugly. It is often heavy on newbies and makes them end up quitting the game altogether.

It entirely depends upon you as to what you feel is the right approach in such a scenario. You can choose to quit the game or put up with everything and deliver your best performance nonetheless. After all, it’s you as the player who decides whether the game is worth it or not.


The League of Legends game is a global phenomenon today. It’s raking up numbers online with players queuing to have a go at the game. The LoL latest update further enhances its appeal by introducing new champions and making the game smoother. However, the one downside to playing the game is its community which can often be hampering to you. But that aside, it’s a game worth checking out and playing. Join our League of Legends Tournament – Race to the Top and get exclusive prizes!

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