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The Legend of Zelda: the Magic World in Your Pocket


The Legend of Zelda is an action-adventure game franchise that was first released in 1986, and the last release was in 2019. The game, in itself, is a remarkable achievement. Since its initial days, the game has carried an image of courage, heroism, and mythology with a satisfying, positive game review.   

As soon as the game begins, you find yourself amidst vast, magnificent landscapes, mysterious landmarks. You find yourself surrounded by hidden perplexing puzzles and conspiring enemies.

Since its beginning in 1986 to date, the game has had a total of 19 versions and has been available in almost all the major The Legend of Zelda Nintendo game consoles. The game became so popular after its release that based on the game; an animated TV series was released in 1989. 

About the Gameplay

The game revolves around several incarnation stories. It is basically about Link, the main character of the game who has to rescue the princess Zelda and the Kingdom of Hyrule from the evil grasp of the warlord Ganon.   

The legend of Zelda opens up in a dark cavern. The game is a mixture of puzzles, adventures, and battles. A player can increase his abilities by exploring new areas, solving mysteries. Some items in the game such as bombs, and bomb-flowers that can be found throughout the game can be used as weapons and to open doors and hidden ways. On the other hand, other items appear only once and can be used in the game. 

Almost every game in the series of Zelda has three principal areas. These are over-world, an interaction area, and dungeon areas. Most of the Legend of Zelda areas in the game connect in the over-world. The over-world is vast, and a player can move around and take action accordingly. In the interaction are-as, the name suggests- the player can interact with other characters in the game, collect unique items, and seek advice from other characters about the game. In the first version of the game, the interaction consists of only a few hidden rooms and caves. However, in the subsequent releases, the area expanded to entire towns and cities. Lastly, the dungeon areas consist of small underground allies filled with enemies, bosses, and dangerous items.

The first game of the Legend of Zelda Nintendo, which was released in 1986 had no direction or clues. Even picking up a sword needed careful attention and players could quickly lose in the vast stretch of a mysterious land. This might sound a bit frustrating, but it was exciting for many players that attracted them towards the game.  

Even the new versions of the game have a set of diverse, beautiful, mysterious land that includes vast green fields to rough mountainous stretches. The characters in the land work in a stunningly realistic manner. Moreover, there are consoles such as The Legend of Zelda Wii that can increase the resolution of the graphics up to 1080p. The animals in the game behave like real-life animals, the trees bear fruit, and even then green land and forests could be set in fire.

The Legend of Zelda gameplay carries a brutal, rough survivalist attitude. For example, id Link gets too cold while hiking or gets too hot while exploring humid areas he might die. Similarly, if he climbs rough areas or swims for a long time without taking rest, he might drown or fall and die. Moreover, when the health of Link drops or gets ill other characters in the game have to take care of him. They have to build a campfire and cook for him. Also in the new versions of the game, swords and shields degrade as a player uses them. 

In the Breath of the Wild, Link gets more strength and health as you progress through the game. Here, you can own stronger and heavier weapons. However, the skills of Link in swinging a sword or shooting a bow remain the same. In multiple game reviews, gamers have claimed that this is the most challenging Zelda game they have played. 

In most of the versions of the game, the life or health of a player is shown by hearts. At the beginning of the game, a player gets three default hearts. But the hearts can be increased if a player finds heart-shaped crystals called “heart Containers.” Moreover, at the end of a dungeon, a player can discover full heart containers dropped by dungeon bosses. A player can also get rewards of small heart pieces by completing side quests and finding hidden objects scattered around the whole place. 

Each dungeon area in The Legend of Zelda has one secret item hidden, which is necessary to solve puzzles inside the dungeon areas. These puzzles must be addressed to defeat the dungeon master and progress in the game.

Do Not Judge It By Graphics But By The Story 

No doubt The Legend of Zelda has one of the best game graphics, and everything in the game seems real to life. But, more than the stunning graphics, it is the story of the game that takes it to another level. In other words, the game becomes more about The Legend of Zelda’s story than the graphics. 

The game takes place in the downfall branch which further takes place in the Ocarina of Time in medieval Western Europe in a fantasy world named Hyrule. The world Hyrule has its own long story of creation described in games such as A Link to the Past, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and Ocarina of Time. The principal inhabitants of Hyrule are Hylians: pointy-eared humanoids. The main character of the game, Link and the princess Zelda are also of this species. 

When The Legend of Zelda gameplay starts, the world of Hyrule is in complete chaos. In Hyrule, generation after generation, a legend has been transferred about the Triforce of Wisdom who has mystic powers. One day, Hyrule is attacked by an army led by Ganon, trying to steal the Triforce. Fearing the rule of evil Ganon, the princess of Hyrule, Zelda breaks the Triforce of Wisdom into eight pieces and hides them around the kingdom.

At the same time, Zelda secretly sends her nursemaid Impa to find a man who has enough courage to defeat Ganon. But Ganon finds out the plan and captures Zelda to send men to find Impa. 

After walking through jungles and mountains in search of the man of courage, one day, Impa finds herself surrounded by Ganon’s men. But, just when she was about to fall prey to their evil act, a young man appeared. He defeats the man of Ganon saves Impa. The man is Link, the main character of the game. Impa tells Link about everything. After knowing about the evil act of Ganon, Link decides to take revenge and free Zelda. 

This is where the main adventure of the game begins, and Link sets out for a journey to defeat Ganon and rescue Princess Zelda. At the beginning of the game, we see Link as a young warrior who is mostly naive. He has defeated only a few men of Ganon. As the game progresses, Link collects the sword from the older man and continues his quest. He has no information about Zelda, where to find her, and he has a map to know the directions. But as the game develops, Link finds the dungeon; he finds items like the magic sword and the magic ring. As new versions come up new plots and stories, keep adding too. The Legend of Zelda story becomes complex; original characters keep adding, new mysteries are revealed. 

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Does this Game Worth Buying the Console

The worth of buying a console depends on the type of game a player wants to play. If someone wants to play only The Legend of Zelda, he can even play that without any console. However, if he buys a console, he will be able to play much more than just Zelda. Currently, The Legend of Zelda Wii Uis one of the best consoles available in the market right now. It is the first HD console of the game. In the Wii, you can also access Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess HD, and Wind Waker HD.

Moreover, the Wii U comes with features like touch screen, gyroscope, speakers, microphones, and a front camera. Hence, if someone is looking to experience more than just the regular game, he can consoles. Otherwise, the game can also be enjoyed without the consoles. 


The Legend of Zelda is undoubtedly one of the most influential games with a glorious history of 30 years. The game has left a huge impact on the entire gaming world. Many people from the gaming industry have admitted that Zelda has been their inspiration and has influenced the creation of many other games.

With its stunning graphics, tiniest details, and robust and stunning storyline, the game has created a place for itself that will be difficult to replace. From the very beginning, as you are introduced to a vast, magnificent landscape, you realize that this is something big. In simple words, The Legend of Zelda is one of the best examples of a truly superb game. We’re giving free games for you to try! Take a walk over Trolls Bridge where rowdy giants bring even bigger wins!

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