Two Dots Game Review — Addictive game that takes patience
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Two Dots Game Review — Addictive game that takes patience


Two Dots is a fun and challenging game where you can connect similar colored dots to remove them from the playing field. Two Dots is a sequel to “Dots”, a popular game launched in 2013. With extra challenges, blocks, and power-ups, the new version is a gripping thriller packed with entertainment.

Launched in 2014, Two Dots is an extremely addictive game that you can play for free on your Android or iOS devices. With over 21 million downloads till 2020, the Two Dots app is on its way to the Top 10 puzzle gaming apps of all time. This article will help you discover the various challenges, the unique design, and how to play the Two Dots game.

Two Dots is simple yet challenging

So, how hard can joining a few dots be? Even though the premise of Two Dots may seem like a piece of cake, this game is slightly tricky to master.

Users are limited to a certain number of moves to complete the objectives and challenges set by each level. As you progress, the objectives keep getting tougher and more challenging. For example, clear 35 red dots, 45 blue dots, and 55 red dots within 40 moves.

If you fail to reach the targets before exhausting your remaining moves, you will lose a life. Every player has five default lives they can lose before they fail a level. Users can buy additional lives for just 0.99 cents per life.

As most users would prefer to win the game without spending any money, the gameplay of Two Dots becomes intense as you advance to higher and more difficult Two Dots levels.

Power-ups or Two Dot boosters improve the gameplay and make the game more interesting. You can earn or purchase these power-ups while playing Two Dots on your mobile. We have many reviews on PC and Consoles projects as well, check them out: Apex Legends, League of Legends, and Valorant. Let’s continue the review.

Beautiful Game Design

Two Dots is an app designed with bright colors that blend well together. The app has a white background with a beach theme for the menu list. Right from the installation to the gameplay levels, the app finds a subtle way of teaching the basics of the game.

As you progress in the game, you advance to different worlds inside the game. Each world has its unique theme, which adds an adventurous effect to the game. After reaching a new world, the game welcomes you with a designated postcard.

Every user starts their initial levels in a cave world filled with rocks and tools. From the cave world, you advance into different themed maps such as the underwater world, volcano world, snowy mountain world, and much more. The eye-catching Two Dots designs have made players across the world obsessed with the game.

The themes of these worlds serve a higher purpose. Other than creating an adventurous and captivating set, these worlds have their separate characters and animations. Two Dots also has corresponding music backgrounds for each world.

Two Dots also offers a colorblind mode, with symbols inside each dot. The colorblind mode is comparatively more accessible to play due to better visibility and cooler dots. The Two Dots design has a friendly user-interface that makes this game enjoyable for children and adults alike.

Two Dots scavenger hunt is a theme-based event that the app launches from time to time. Each event is filled with a scavenger hunt objective that is complex, detailed, and brain-teasing.

Overall, the game is beautifully designed with a subtle and sophisticated finishing touch. With several worlds, ranking systems, and events such as the Two Dots scavenger hunt, players are always provided with a high value for their time.

How to play

The gameplay of Two Dots is fundamental. Every player must connect dots that have the same color to remove them from the playing arena. Removing dots by connecting them in square-shaped formations will fetch more points. This feature of Two Dots is similar to its predecessor “Dots”, which was launched back in 2013. Players must look for chances to connect dots in square formations and maximize their score.

After clearing all the dots in a level, you can earn points and stars that determine your rating for that level. After every level, the game shows your progress status, star rating, and points.

This game displays the scoreboard on the bottom of the screen in the progress bar. When there are no more connections possible, the game shuffles all dots and resets the board automatically.

Game objectives and obstacles

Two Dots is a spicier version of Dots. With several objectives and obstacles, you are bound to get addicted to this game. Every level comes with a pre-determined set of colored dots/or a few Two Dots obstacles that you must clear. If you are unable to complete the target, you lose a life and fail the level.

The objective of every level is displayed before the level begins and is also shown while you are in-game. On the top-right side of your screen, you can quickly know your progress status while you finish up the dots. Two Dots also allows limited moves per round, making each move count.

The gameplay varies depending upon the level and world you are playing in. For example, in the sea world, you need to clear the anchor dots by removing them from the last row on the field. Each level has a unique obstacle designed to make you sweat for your points.

In-game power-ups

Several nail-biting Two Dot obstacles end up becoming a pain for players. To overcome them, you can create or earn several power-ups to boost your rank and your game points ahead.

The most common power-up is called the bomb. You can earn this power-up by creating a square of similar colored dots around a dot having a different color. The middle dot becomes the bomb and explodes the dots around it. The dots exploded are considered as dots cleared and added to your scoreboard. If you complete your objectives and still have a few moves left, those moves become bombs and add to your overall points.

Every day you open the Two Dots app, you will find a Daily Quest pop-up. This quest gives players an objective containing a certain number of obstacle dots that need to be removed. Upon completing the quest, you are rewarded with gift crates filled with power-ups.

You can use the power-ups or Two Dot boosters that you have earned to clear any level you are stuck on. These power-ups help in several ways such as filling the field with dots of the same color, lining similar colored dots in a square formation, and creating or detonating bombs.

If you are unable to pass challenging levels after using all the power-ups, you can purchase some more supply crates using the in-app store. The cost of purchasing these supply crates are slightly higher than other than the purchases in other puzzle games in the gaming industry.

Number of Supply Crates Average Price per Crate Total Cost
4 $0.25 $1
25 $0.2 $5
150 $0.167 $25


Two Dots is widely criticized for its pay-for-life policy. While it may seem unfair to charge a high amount for availing power-ups, thee policies indirectly motivate players to complete all objectives using their default lives.

Not so fun through the time, but still playable

The mobile gaming industry is known to be vast and intense. Every genre in mobile gaming strives to outdo itself as time goes by. The earlier version of Two Dots, i.e. Dots, was a massive success in 2013. Over the years, many gamers have switched to intense brainteasing games in other genres as well as the puzzle genre.

Games like Candy Crush Saga, 2048, Su Do Ku, and several others have completely changed the definition of puzzle games on mobiles. While Two Dots may not be the best in all possible fields, it is still thoroughly enjoyable for people of all age groups.

My current progress and screens


To sum it up, Two Dots is a game with unique themes and features that must be checked out by every mobile gamer out there. The design and usability of the game and the app are brilliant and user-friendly.

With challenging obstacles and intriguing power-ups, Two Dots becomes quite addictive for players once they begin completing the objectives. Despite being free to play, there are a few in-app purchases that a user must pay for, to cross challenging levels.

As you advance into the new Two Dots levels, you will find yourself in love with this game. If you haven’t played Two Dots yet, download it and begin today. This game will get you hooked in no time.

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