Valorant — The New King of Online Shooter?
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Valorant — The New King of Online Shooter?


Valorant is the latest 5v5 tactical shooter game launched by Riot Games. With its immediate launch, the game has created such hype around the gaming world that everyone is talking about it. For a long time, there were a lot of rumors about the Valorant release date. However, It was finally released on 2nd June. On the other hand, Valorant’s closed beta ended five days earlier on 28th May.

It is a first-person shooting game set in near-future earth with two teams consisting of five players. Before starting a match, you have to choose a character which

will then stick with you for the whole game. Currently, there is one primary mode that is Bomb Defusal, where the only goal for the attacking team is to defuse a bomb on a given site. In contrast, the purpose of the defending team is to prevent that from happening. The game has Moreover; the matches are split into two halves where each side has to swap their position once.

There are 10 Valorant characters at the moment with new characters to be added soon. Each character in the game has four unique abilities. However, in the beginning, you will have only two of them. The other two skills have to be purchased by earning money between the game rounds. The Valorant characters so far are:

  • Breach
  • Brimstone
  • Cypher
  • Jett
  • Phoenix
  • Omen
  • Sage
  • Raze
  • Reyna
  • Sova
  • Viper

You could see some of them on the screenshots below:

The game has become so popular that large numbers of Valorant accounts are now available for sale on eBay, with prices starting around $150. However, Riot warned against buying such accounts, saying that they are actively looking into account sellers and that users who purchase such accounts could be banned. Many gamers are also making multiple Valorant accounts with the hopes that it would increase their chances of getting a key,

but Riot said there are also filters in place to catch such gamers, so people shouldn’t do that either.

Simple Good-Old Mechanics with a Modern Approach

Valorant is a classic first-person shooter game with a good-old mechanism. A lot of gamers are comparing the game with Counter-Strike and Overwatch. However, other elements give Valorant its character. The rounds of the game are as tensed and deep as Counter-Strike. The most significant similarity between this game and Overwatch is that both the games use titles such as Heros and Agents.

Howeverit has its character and can be called revolutionary in many ways. The biggest difference in this game is that each agent in the game has unique abilities that set themselves apart. There are four types of Agents in the game: duelist, initiator, sentinel, and controller.

Moreover, in games like Overwatch, the abilities of a character can be used without limit, and the main aim is to do as much damage as possible. Whereas its gunplay has the utmost priority and the unique abilities of the agents are used as a complementary piece. The closed beta of the game has started to open up, which is excellent news for gamers. Riot Games has confirmed that the game may soon be available for consoles and mobile devices. If this happens, Valorant would easily already set the title apart from games like CS: GO.

There are 8 Valorant ranks with each rank having three levels. Each rank and level has an attractive icon to make it more visible. A player has to play 20 unranked matches to get the first Valorant rank unlocked. Later the ranks will fluctuate depending on the number of wins of defeats. The ranks are:

  • Iron 1
  • Iron 2
  • Iron 3
  • Bronze 1
  • Bronze 2
  • Bronze 3
  • Silver 1
  • Silver 2
  • Silver 3
  • Gold 1
  • Gold 2
  • Gold 3
  • Platinum 1
  • Platinum 2
  • Platinum 3
  • Diamond 1
  • Diamond 2
  • Diamond 3
  • Immortal 1
  • Immortal 2
  • Immortal 3
  • Radiant

Valorant Ranking

Source: Riot Games

Valorant: The CS: GO Killer?

At first glance, both Valorant and CS: GO may look similar, and since the closed-beta, many CS: GO fans have criticized it as a copy of their favorite game. But they have a few differences that make them different. Some of the elements that both the games have in common, such as guns, the movements, and the economy and the maps have small but significant differences. To begin with the weapons, this game and CS: GO have some similarities.

There seems to be a general similarity in the pattern for each weapon between these two games. However, unlike CS: GO, Varolant has a very easily accessible practice tool. Compared to CS: GO, the ‘Buy Round’ in this game is also a lot more interactive and gives you different options of buying, saving, and requesting any gun you wish. And, the most significant difference between CS: GO and this game when it comes to buying a gun is that, you can buy any weapon you want irrespective of the side you are playing in whereas in CS: GO suppose you are playing on the CT side, you can only buy CT guns like ‘AUG’ or ‘M4A4’.

Again, unlike CS: GO, from the sixth and seventh bullet, Valorant introduces an element of randomness in spraying, which makes all-in engagements challenging to control. Moreover, in contrast to CS: GO, the Fire and Alternate Fire modes in this game have a different rate of fire and damage. A few games also reported that in the game you might need to wait between shots for a longer time to get it perfect.

Valorant Battle Pass Explained

The battle pass is all about earning EXP, completing contracts, and getting rewards. The battle pass may cost around 1000 points or 10 dollars with several Valorant Ranks. The more EXP you earn more rewards will unlock. The whole battle pass has ten chapters in total each section has five premium rewards and a free chapter completion reward.

A player can get a free bonus only after he/she completes each of the five tiers by gaining enough EXP. Moreover, if a player buys Premium Battlepass, he will be able to earn more content types and will be able to unlock the ‘Kingdom Melee’ at the end of Chapter 10. Players who do not have Premium Battle Pass will earn Kingdom Classic sidearm skin as the final reward for Chapter 10 and the rest of the prizes.

Can it become another Billion-Dollar Franchise?

Around a week ago, Riot Games stated that the closed beta of Valorant has around 3 million players regularly. At the same time, as a result of the beta key drop operation on Twitch, the game has set a record number of viewership streams. Moreover, at the moment, vast numbers of gamers are also watching the game-play to get early access to the game.

Moreover, as the market is growing, Riot Games has more pressure to hit gold twice. Till now gamers have bet Millions of dollars expecting it to be as booming as League of Legends. Senior director of Riot Games said in an interview that his team would fulfil those expectations. Moreover, even before the launch of Valorant, the game gained massive attention in the gaming world.

Organizations such as Twitch, T1, G2 Esports, and even ESPN have hosted events featuring players in North America and Europe. Members of Riot Games said that they want to make it the first genuinely global shooter and that they have created a global community with League of Legends and now they are confident of repeating with Valorant.

More screenshots from the game:

Anti-Cheat Personal Issue

Recently, many gamers in the platform have reportedly run into varying PC issues due to the new Valorant anti-cheat system, Vanguard. Some problems have even caused some computers to crash completely, with some players facing ‘blue screens of death‘ because of the new program.

This is because Vanguard starts as soon as a PC boots up, instead of only when the game is on. The anti-cheat of the game conflicts with multiple programs but doesn’t separate important programs from non-essentials programs. Some gamers have also reported that the Valorant anti-cheat prevented some essential programs from running on their computers.

Once a gamer installs Valorant’s beta launcher, he will have to restart the PC, which will let the anti-cheat program Vanguard to install successfully. One done with the PC reboot, the gamer will receive a notification regarding the successful vanguard installation. Afterward, he can access the FPS action. Riot Games has also made efforts to solve the problem, and recently it logged another one by adding a Vanguard icon in the Windows system tray. The icon can be right-clicked to ‘full disable’ or uninstall Vanguard. After disabling Vanguard, the player needs to restart the PC before playing Valorant.


The game has become the latest obsession of the gaming world, and many gamers have described it as purely addictive. In only a month of its release, the game has built a mountainous player base. In a single word, it is the hottest online shooter game in the market right now. However, after the announcement of the Valorant release date, Riot Games said that they also have post-launch plans for the match hence there are still chances of more surprises left. The trending question in the gaming world right now is that if Valorant is the new king of online shooting. Get more of your favorite Valorant Esports from Try it now!

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