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Zynga FarmVille 2 – Facebook Game


The original Farmville had released quite a while back, 11 years to be more precise. The game was a phenomenon back then and manages to hold up even today. The game was first released back in 2009 by Zynga. It wasn’t spectacularly impressive by any measure in terms of its overall gameplay experience. For example, it didn’t have remarkable graphics or great gameplay optimization features.

However, Farmville 1 had one crucial thing going for it. It was the kind of obsession the game had managed to create around it. It functioned better than most sources of addiction out there. The game could tap into your subconscious and get you hooked to it in no time. It’s safe to say that the second generation of the game only improves upon these features when compared to Farmville 1.

The newer and arguably more improved game operates as a full-fledged cash-generating machine that has been grabbing eyeballs everywhere.  The reasoning behind coming up with Farmville 2 was simple. The firm, Zynga, was in shambles. It needed a ton of cash since its overall valuation was plummeting compared to what it once was. More specifically, Zynga lost much of its market demand since its initial public offering back in the day. It has been scrambling to earn it back. The Farmville two hacks thus seem to be pretty straightforward. Get the customers hooked on to the game to generate some real cash.

Recently while launching the game, Zynga declared the second generation of the game to be a “next-generation social game.” However, upon taking a closer look at the game, the first and probably the biggest turn off are the gameplay graphics. It is the year 2020. Videogames today are expected to look at least partially close to reality. But the Farmville 2 seems to be stuck in a long lost era of blocks and cubes. The textures or simulations don’t seem to be anywhere close to what one would expect out of a 2020 game, which is disappointing. In such circumstances, calling the game a “next-generation” game seems to be too big of a stretch to be true.

The game doesn’t seem to have anything, in particular, going for it except for a penchant for making its players spend their cash. The Farmville 2 on Zynga must be acknowledged for its financial ambitions but must not be for its gameplay experience. One example that’s worth noting is that of how the game stops you from proceeding further in specific ways. You may be interested in a particular activity in the game. But the moment you try and participate in that, you’ll be greeted with a huge pop up asking you to spend some cash.

This can often even be indirect, with the game asking you to recommend it to several of your friends to unlock a particular area or skill in the game.

Some more exciting additions are there in Farmville.  For example, the cows can be fed milk which has been made time-dependent now. The milk will run out from time to time, reminding you of the need for a quick recharge. Another such feature is water. Yes, your supply of water for your plant has also been made time-dependent. You can refill using either your cash or by recommending to your friends.

The Zynga Farmville doesn’t let go of a single opportunity to remind you how you can be doing more by spending just a tad bit extra. It instead keeps reminding you of how limited your options genuinely are in the game.

FarmVille 2 – Do People Still Play It?

Yes! The game seems to have been a massive success with the players. The players are hooked on to the game like never before. It’s not their fault. You could make a point of how effortless the game is concerning its playability. The game is designed to keep you hooked to it. It doesn’t want you to let go. The Farmville 2 hack is to convert your real-world cash into virtual world cash, which it does quite efficiently.

A good reason that people play the game is because of the vibrant community it has. A lot of players praise the co-ops and are hooked on to the positivity there. Granted, you may face some people who don’t sway your way, but that doesn’t necessarily take away from the entire experience. It’s a good idea to at least give the Zynga Farmville a shot to understand what it’s like.

Player’s review

I’m a serious gamer and do expect my games to be of top quality. Overall, I’m satisfied with the game and in Zynga for what they delivered. However, I believe some aspects of the game could’ve been a lot better.

The most annoying thing that I found in Farmville 2 on Zynga was a sense of incompleteness. Let me explain. It’s incredibly difficult to finish a particular event. You always require something outside of your scope to be able to complete them, which is not satisfying. In the Farmville game, what magnifies this predicament is that you need to visit an area up to 6 times or even more to procure the necessary items. Only then can you attempt at finishing the event you initially wanted to.

Another related problem is that I believe a player should get access to an item as soon as he/she gets done crafting it. It’s ridiculous to keep a player waiting for weeks. In Zynga Farmville, I had to craft somewhere around 30 kiwi cakes just to land on six items that were essential for my event. It’s impossible to keep your patience in such circumstances where the game seems to be completely against you.

Another complaint I have is that of a tiring process of waiting for rollouts in the Farmville 2 on Zynga. It’s seriously annoying when you approach a particular land or water body and want to check it out, but then the game doesn’t let you. Why? We don’t know yet. It keeps flashing, “Coming soon”. It baffles me as to why the developers would even want to include something in the game that can’t be accessed by the players.

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Editor’s experience in FarmVille

When I first heard the buzz on Farmville, I expected it to be a nice little distraction from the real world. But it couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s baffling to me how much the developers try to tell us to buy more of their stuff.

The game almost feels like a slew of buy requests for keys. These keys are basically like currency in the Farmville world. You can use these keys to buy stuff and to unlock places that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. It’s okay to pitch it to me once in a while, but it gets unpleasant when I need to keep spending money to progress at all in the game.

Another problem with the game is the recent update. It was working fine until a couple of days back. But then I installed the Farmville 2020 latest update which completely messed it up. The gameplay has been extremely buggy since then, with significant glitches everywhere. I have to had to uninstall the game for this reason and then reinstall it. It didn’t solve the problem either. The game tends to freeze for no reason at all and not show me parts of the land which gets annoying after a while.

Moreover, I’ve also witnessed a ton of lost content in the Farmville game. A lot of my keys have been lost from my barn for no apparent reason. The uninstalling and reinstalling did help with this part though but not with the overall gameplay experience, which is still pretty awful after the update.

It’s disappointing to see these issues in a game with such high potential. It’s no doubt that Farmville is a beautiful game, but is ruined by these minor issues. The need of the hour is for the developers to look at what players are saying and to fix them accordingly. They need to address the glitches and the playability issues first and then shift to the other complaints.

I believe that with the right approach and guidance, Farmville can develop into a phenomenon that defies industry standards. However, the recent statistics in playability and satisfaction don’t seem to suggest so. Enjoy more games like Farmville 2, try our new game Seasons and you will enjoy it all Summer, Winter, Autumn, and Spring that will take you to the next adventures!


To conclude, it seems like the game has been a massive hit among users. A lot of players have gravitated towards the simple yet fun gameplay that the Farmville 2020 offers. However, the game suffers from two fundamental problems. One, it seems to be continuously badgering the players for spending extra, which is ruining the experience for them.

Second, the game has recently launched a new update. This update has wrecked the gameplay experience. The game is now filled with a ton of glitches and technical problems that don’t seem to go away. These problems need to be addressed for the game to be a success in the long run and to create a mark in the industry.

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